Homage To War of the Worlds

Yesterday, I held my own Twitter experiment, sort an homage to Orson Welles and his War of the Worlds radio broadcast. I tweeted all day as if I were outside Walmart, then Target, waiting in line for Black Friday deals. I was not there. I hope I never wait in line to do that – never say never. Twittering was my way of counteracting the forces of Black Friday.

RIP, Creative Genius

I am tired of hearing about Black Friday (BF). If the Charlie Brown special were made today, half of the show would be about Charlie and his friends waiting outside a store to buy BF deals. Not only that, BF deals started Wednesday this year and some stores opened on Thanksgiving night (Toys R Us). This year the amount of coverage got under my skin.

I’m not here to give a lecture. My house is full of gadgets. But I feel manipulated by these BF ads and companies and the compulsion to buy. Not only that, it feels like our economy is held hostage to the peaks and valleys of how much or how little we buy. Worse, and this is where I agree with storyofstuff.com, our happiness is tried to our consumerism.

So, I tweeted all day and had a really good time doing it. I laughed at my own tweets and tried to give hints regarding whether I standing outside of Target – free crock pots. I really don’t know what you cook in one, but my tweets were a crock so it seemed like the perfect product to give away.

Thanks for the tweeted replies. Some knew I was making it up; some came close to wanting to call me a loser for standing in line, which may be true about being a loser, but I wasn’t a loser standing outside of Target with a coupon for a free crock pot. However, if they did give away free crock pots, I probably would stand in line for one. I’m sure it’s the best way to cook squirrel. God knows grilling it doesn’t help kill its gaminess.