Homage To War of the Worlds

Yesterday, I held my own Twitter experiment, sort an homage to Orson Welles and his War of the Worlds radio broadcast. I tweeted all day as if I were outside Walmart, then Target, waiting in line for Black Friday deals. I was not there. I hope I never wait in line to do that – never say never. Twittering was my way of counteracting the forces of Black Friday.

RIP, Creative Genius

I am tired of hearing about Black Friday (BF). If the Charlie Brown special were made today, half of the show would be about Charlie and his friends waiting outside a store to buy BF deals. Not only that, BF deals started Wednesday this year and some stores opened on Thanksgiving night (Toys R Us). This year the amount of coverage got under my skin.

I’m not here to give a lecture. My house is full of gadgets. But I feel manipulated by these BF ads and companies and the compulsion to buy. Not only that, it feels like our economy is held hostage to the peaks and valleys of how much or how little we buy. Worse, and this is where I agree with storyofstuff.com, our happiness is tried to our consumerism.

So, I tweeted all day and had a really good time doing it. I laughed at my own tweets and tried to give hints regarding whether I standing outside of Target – free crock pots. I really don’t know what you cook in one, but my tweets were a crock so it seemed like the perfect product to give away.

Thanks for the tweeted replies. Some knew I was making it up; some came close to wanting to call me a loser for standing in line, which may be true about being a loser, but I wasn’t a loser standing outside of Target with a coupon for a free crock pot. However, if they did give away free crock pots, I probably would stand in line for one. I’m sure it’s the best way to cook squirrel. God knows grilling it doesn’t help kill its gaminess.

16 thoughts on “Homage To War of the Worlds

    • Ah, you know me too well. I wouldn’t want to miss my treatments. I’d need a long extension cord to hook up everything because I’m fond of my 30 PSI compressor. I’d like to read the tweets of the tent next to mine: “Guy in next tent is coughing like a maniac. Gross. He’s killing my ‘waiting 12 hours to shop’ buzz.”

  1. I had a feeling! I REALLY didn’t see you as the Black Friday type. Your tweets kept me up until almost 1am, though. I have never been out on Black Friday, but I was living vicariously through you. Sorry about the bleeding lungs again 😦

    • You are correct, though who knows, one day I might be. I doubt it because one thing I hate more than anything else in life is standing in line. I don’t have the patience.

      I am in shock about my hemoptysis . After two embolizations, I thought I’d be spared for a longer period of time.

      • Are you on 10mg/day vitamin K? I started on Tuesday, so we’ll see if that stops my bleeding when I run next week in my new kicks. If I bleed, I know their fix.

      • Thanks! He told me that if I bleed again, they will embolize me for early prevention. I should be ready to try to run Thursday. Get out of there. I know you have a good view of the valets, but it’s not the spa they showed you on the brochure when you bought your timeshare.

      • I’d like to talk to your doctor. I like his plan. I could have painted a wall with the blood I was coughing up and they didn’t embolize. I have never heard of early prevention. I hope you don’t have to do it, but I’ll be interested to hear the details. Best of health to you and a future free of embolizations.

      • Thanks. I’d like you to talk to them, too. Having you closer to us in Tampa would be nice, as well. I thought I had a bleeder for a split second before spitting on Wednesday night, but it was just a really smooth loogie from my cold.

        That would have been an express ticket to Tampa General for the weekend, I’m sure.

      • I hate that feeling of thinking it’s blood when it’s not, though I’m always relieved when it’s not blood.

        I hope you don’t have to embolize. Just make sure they do the procedure when you have an active bleed. That seems to make all the difference.

  2. Put me in with the gang of followers who figured you wouldn’t be caught dead doing any of those things I witnessed in your stream yesterday, but I was too busy having family fun to give you a hard time. Nevertheless, I’m glad it was fake and that you didn’t miss any treatments.

    (I thought your tent tweets were over the top if you want to try again next year when you have 1,909 followers.

  3. The “how the hell is he keeping up with his treatments” thought had also occurred to me, but I still had a fun time imagining you tying four shopping carts together. I on the other hand did in fact take advantage of BF deals. I got some great clothes for 75% off! 🙂 (no im not kidding) Hope you feel better!

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