Some weekends are different than others

Last weekend started with the American Idol concert and ended with a 1 a.m. Sunday night visit to the emergency vet. That’s the beginning to the end without a middle. Oh, and there were police and fire trucks, too. Not an average weekend.

The American Idol concert was my daughter’s first large-scale concert. It wasn’t The Who or Springsteen or anyone great, but it wasn’t bad for karaoke.  It did convince me that America doesn’t vote for the best singers. And the show manipulates the results and finds ways to push favored singers to the end.

Oh, and Pia was robbed. How did she get voted off so early? She sounded better, looked better, and was more poised than second-place Lauren Alaina, who danced like a Disney Animatronic bear.

Being in a large crowd at the Nokia Theater also reinforced my theory that people are getting angrier these days. Two knuckleheads sitting on the isle seats next to us got bent every time someone had to leave to get food or use the restroom. Then, they didn’t want to move to let my wife and daughter back to our seats. It’s an American Idol concert you twits, not a play where if you miss one word the meaning is lost. You’re at the end of the aisle, what did you expect when you bought the seats?

I’m not good in crowds anymore.

Saturday and Sunday were filled with me spending a lot of time reading the Game of Thrones books, dinner with friends, watching Team USA lose (heartbreaking), and a faux ABBA concert Sunday night. Nothing like Swedish pop to put a smile on your face and at the same time create the contradictory feeling of queasiness that you’re about to bring up your tri-tip sandwich to the opening bars of “Dancing Queen.”

But then there was late Sunday night.

At around 10:30 p.m., I noticed four police cars outside, which made me think that shredding my jury notices for the last 20 years wasn’t such a great idea. But they didn’t come for me – yet – instead they were after one of my neighbors.

So, of course I had to watch a bunch of police officers standing around – it takes 7 to arrest one person – throwing their gum wrappers on my lawn. Then, two fire trucks showed up and the fire department ambulance. That led to my neighbor being taken away screaming, handcuffed and strapped down to the gurney.

All of that took almost two hours.

Stick an electrode on her head and activists would be breaking her out of my house.

Then I went outside with the dogs and noticed our yellow lab had a lumpy head, gross, and a swollen muzzle. A dime of blood blossomed on her head. Executive decision: Trip to the emergency vet where they gave her a steroid and Benadryl cocktail for the mystery insect bite and me a $200 enema for owning the mutt who stuck her head in the wrong plant.

My dog also received the make-over bonus of a 4-inch square shaved on her head for the oh so 70’s look of a laboratory research animal. My daughter broke into tears when she saw her in the morning, having slept through the fun during the night.

So, that was the weekend. Thanks to Game of Thrones, it’s taken me three days to finish this post. I can’t wait to finish the last book and get back to my life and blogging.

Happy summer.

6 thoughts on “Some weekends are different than others

  1. OK, ok…there are too many questions left unanswered in this post.

    WHY was your nieghbor arrested? Did you know you were living next to a criminal? How exciting!

    How did your doggy get hurt?

    Glad to see you post again!

    • Stacey,

      I left that part out for their privacy. More for personal problems/demons than a serous crime like murder, I hope.

      Doggy was probably bitten by a Spider, we think.

      Nice to hear from you.


  2. I met new neighbors across the street when they had a garage sale. I thought they were very stand-offish but hoped to get to know them better. Came home and wrote their name down as I am prone to forget. Fast forward six months and there’s a front-page story about a local man caught in a Ponzi scheme that bilked retirees out of about $10M. I keep thinking, how do I know that name? They sent him to the prison for eight years. Wife and son still there…and still stand-offish.

    • Mal,

      That’s quite a story. I guess the wife and son don’t want to answer any questions about their wayward husband/father. We never know what’s really going on with the people we live close to, do we?

      Hope you’re doing well and your toes are straight.


  3. As long as the ambulance arrival is not for YOU, then I’m ok with this post.

    I can’t imagine going to an American Idol concert… hopefully by the time my toddler daughter is old enough for concerts there will be a less annoying tween/teen phenomenon. Probably not. 🙂

    Oh, and try to keep your dog away from killer spiders or insects, ok? I mean, really, don’t you monitor every square inch of your backyard to avoid these ER visits?

    • Liz,

      I was glad it wasn’t for me, too.

      You’ll be going to some AI-like concert, I’m sure. Or, some Justin Beiber knock off. Something like that. You won’t be able to avoid it. AI wasn’t that terrible. I can think of worse.

      I’m tired of the vet at this point. We’ve paid for a new swimming pool for his family by now.

      I’m hoping life is treating you and Chris well.


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