How donald j. trump got under my skin

Rich people who whine. Can’t stand them, especially when can buy their way out of the worry of health insurance bills, keeping their job, or paying their rent or mortgage on time. Enter fat cat donald trump. Listening to him bitch and moan all the time and bully others strikes a nerve. And the path he’s taken to riches by gorging on gold McNuggets and the misfortunes of others, burns another.

I usually don’t spend time talking about politics, but trump is different. He is billionaire trash and needs to go back to his gold-covered tower in the sky.

This is a man who blatantly lies to and cheats others, like working-class Americans. He has no regard as to how he treats these small business people. And everything about him crosses a mental line for me. He’s not Bill Gates who has now devoted his life to making the world a better place, or Mark Zuckerberg who, with his wife, is going to help improve the lives of children across the USA, and perhaps the world. trump? His foundation is a zero-employee joke he borrows from for his own self-interest. Not cool.

I’ve lost track of how many tweets I’ve written about trump lately. I know they won’t change anyone’s mind about trump-that’s not their purpose. “Cathartic release” seems like a better way to describe them. They must spring forth to cleanse the disgust from my neural pathways: pseudomonas-infected thoughts brought to the surface and released.

I just can’t believe trump is the best the republican party has to offer this country. I can’t. I really can’t.


2 thoughts on “How donald j. trump got under my skin

  1. I’m happy to see you’re blogging again!! And I’m sorry for your recent health setbacks. Your last post made me smile. My husband (who has CF) is a teacher. And we have a preschooler and a one year old. And we live in the Chicago area, where winters are no joke. We are so screwed. Taking it in stride. 🙂

    Also I wholeheartedly agree with everything you’ve stated in this post. Why on Earth are people voting for this guy? I just can’t comprehend. I mean if Trump hasn’t insulted you (women, minorities, veterans, disabled), surely he’s insulted someone you know/love. Not sure if you caught the debate, but there was a discussion regarding Trump not paying someone who had worked on one of his properties. He claimed he wasn’t satisfied with the work. Someone suggested that people stay in his hotels and then not pay because they weren’t satisfied with their stay. Haha! Can’t stand the guy.

  2. John,

    I’m with you 110% on this. Well said and my sentiments exactly. How can anyone support such an egotistical, lying, bullying moron?


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