Don’t take pictures inside Chipotle

A mirage in the distance on a hot day

During my business trip this week, I visited Chipotle to eat great food and snap pics for Nanos – because god knows she hasn’t see enough Chipotles and burrito bowls in her life. Oh, well, what’s one more? Plus, I snapped a cool picture of the Chipotle truck, which was like photographing Bigfoot or the Yeti.

However, I didn’t quite expect a crazy experience when I took a picture inside Chipotle.

Nothing happened when I took an exterior shot above, which is the Rancho Cucamonga location in all of its sunny glory.

The secret spy shot that Chipotle wants everyone to see

The reasons I eat Chipotle are on the menu board (shown to the right). They choose quality food suppliers, which is better for my health. I’ll support any restaurant that does this because I prefer that my antibiotics come from an I.V., not a cow or pig.

Now when I took this shot of the menu board, you would have thought I was spy. A woman who worked there, a manager, perhaps, came unglued. She started speaking Spanish in a very angry tone to her co-workers. I speak some Spanish, but irritated Spanish kills my comprehension.

Arms waving, she looked and pointed at me, and I kept hearing “menu board.” Meanwhile, I’m standing in the burrito assembly line, thinking at what point is this going to get out of control and they’re going to ask for my camera? She kept heating up, though the other employees acted very calm about me taking a picture of information one can find on

I don’t think Chipotle wants to keep their selection of quality food a secret. I’ve seen youtube videos of their stores. What’s the big deal?

Godzilla would eat the entire truck

I paid, grabbed my plastic utensils and left.

I get outside and who do I see following me? You guessed it. I thought about taking a picture of her, but I’m sure that would have put her over the edge. As I can’t run with CF lungs, surely she would have killed me in the parking lot.

And, if not for the fact I’m full of antibiotics, she would have served me in the next day’s chicken burrito bowls.

So, Nanos, this post is for you. I’m glad I lived to eat my pork burrito bowl.

Three cheers for Chipotle. BTW, I don’t recommend taking pictures at this location. You’ve been warned.

14 thoughts on “Don’t take pictures inside Chipotle

  1. Did she think you were part of that spying ring? Because all Russia wants to know the secrets of Chipotle. I see you finally weakened and bought an Ipad, bring on the Red Dwarf marathon.

  2. Awesome. This is like an adventure Fox might have! He would be proud. Weird that the manager was so irrate. You’d think she’s speak some English so you could overhear and comment back something like you can’t read and are taking it home to your daughter to read for you. California Chipotles look much fancier than Texas ones. I’ve never seen the sign you photographed. Maybe in Texas we don’t care about organic vegetables or cows. I’ve also never seen a truck. Thanks for risking your life to capture these photos! Much appreciated. 🙂

    • I still don’t get what caused her rocket to launch. I kept thinking, hurry up, make my damn burrito. Get me out of here. I don’t want to talk to her.

      You should take a picture inside your Chipotle. Let’s compare Texas and CA.

      You’re welcome. Only for you would I risk being captured and interrogated.

  3. That’s so bizarre and entertaining. Thank you for this. I needed a good chuckle to start my 4th of July weekend.

    Admit it, you liked being yelled at. Just a little bit. An eensie teensie, bit. Fox would have loved it and invited her home. 🙂

    Later Gator,


    • I agree. It is bizarre. Then Nanos wrote me that they don’t have that sign in Texas locations. Hmmm, perhaps I did stumble onto something top secret. Or, perhaps there is a hidden code in it. A subliminal message?

      Fox would have bit her in the leg and scampered off.

  4. Good timing, we had Chipotle last night. My burrito had to have two tortillas cause the first one spilt 🙂

    • What the heck did you fill it with that it got so fat it busted its seams? Dude, you can’t get fat now just cause you’re married and Mandi is on the hook for good. 🙂

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