I was just thinking – National CF T-Shirt Day

Here's a sample front view

Let’s have a national cystic fibrosis awareness day in which everyone fighting this disease wears a special CF T-shirt. If the idea plays out the way I think it might, one would wear a special CF T-shirt in public on a certain day and randomly see others wearing the same shirt. It’s all about that moment of solidarity with others in the fight who might cross paths without ever being aware of each other.

How many of us out there are involved in the fight against CF?

It would be fun to search for others wearing the shirt. We could post pictures online of some chance encounters. Of course, we might not be able to meet each other up close due to germs, but it would still be nice to know how many others are out there on a specified day.

It would take the help of the CF Foundation and other excellent organizations like sharktank.orgcysticlife.org,  BEF.org and cysticfibrosis.com to pull off a coordinated effort like this. CF bloggers could pitch in. Even CF clinics could join in the fun and promote the day. Everyone could come together for this one special promotion.

I'm sure someone can make a much better design. Just a thought starter for the back.

Someone would have to sell the limited edition shirt and everyone would have to communicate the day to wear the t-shirt, which would be best in summer (t-shirt weather). The nice thing about t-shirts is that they’re not that expensive. And all profits could go to the Foundation, sharktank, cysticlife, cysticfibrosis.com or whoever sells the shirts. I’d order at least three for my family and more for friends. The shirt would have to be colorful – yellow or orange or lime green. It needs to stand out.

Who knows what publicity it might generate with news media?

In my crazy mind it would be similar to something the artist Christo does when he wraps a bridge in colorful fabric or places gates in Central Park. It would be a living, breathing, moving display of the fight against cystic fibrosis. Oh, and let’s not forget our friends in England, Canada and other countries. We are one in the fight. And on one summer day in 2011, let’s see how large our army is. Am I crazy? Don’t answer that.