The view from the floor

Days like this make me miss shag carpet

I spent quality time on the floor with my Thumper yesterday, trying to beat my lungs into submission. At least it spared me from searching more “flu or cold” web sites. I’m voting flu, which doesn’t make sense, as I got my flu shot. It must wear off by March because this has happened before.

Either March hates me, or, flu shots don’t work for me.

It’s an odd virus too. I felt well enough to work in the morning and early afternoon. When I had finished, I felt like the elephant minding his own business when a tranquilizer dart zipped out of nowhere and tapped my ass. Timber, down I went for the afternoon. Nausea joined the party last night, limiting dinner to chicken soup and Tylenol.

Worst of all, my wife has it now. She’s still in the bedroom knocked out. I feel terrible I gave it to her.

I did get a burst of energy at midnight and wrote a different blog post, which I didn’t post. Not sure if I will. I always worry when they come too easily.

Battle royale, day six, begins.