A guest link from Sir Sean

So, my good friend in England, Sir Sean of Englandshire, decided to walk to his computer, turn it on, visit his own blog, and write a blog post. Happy days. And he wrote a good one. It’s about how technology is changing the way doctors monitor cystic fibrosis treatments.

Why doesn’t my US CF clinic have anything like this?

I imagine one day sending information from my daily treatments and FEV1 to my clinic. My PFT graphs won’t have dots placed every three months. Instead my peaks and valleys will be smoother, and I’ll see trends soon rather than getting a nasty surprise at clinic. Perhaps my blood pressure won’t skyrocket on clinic days if I already know what to expect.

This is Sir Sean as young man getting ready for his mandatory military duty for Queen and country. Oh, England, they love those old-school battles still.

This is Sir Sean as a young man getting ready for his mandatory military duty for Queen and country.  England, how they cherish old-school war technology and sword battles still.

I’ve read a few articles on doctors using iPhone apps to measure patients’ heart rates and other body functions. I’d really like it if I could go to the doctor but not go to the doctor. That’s my dream.

So, please click on the link at the bottom and check out Sir Sean’s post.

BTW, Sir Sean is a big fan of the West Ham soccer team. I haven’t had the courage to tell him I played FIFA 13 on Xbox with my 11-year-old nephew and I chose West Ham. They lost 1 to nil. Sorry about that Sir Sean. They bite virtually too. It clearly had nothing to do with my soccer playing skills.

Here’s the link. Get ready for more technology to help us battle cystic fibrosis.