The Care Bear who didn’t make the cut

Day 3 in solitary confinement.

CF knocked me down pretty hard yesterday. Face first to the canvas I fell. I remember the doctor coming in and not being able to open my eyes. I remember the two hours it took to get the Tylenol to me. And the hour waiting for it to calm the fever. I forgot I had two of my own with me.

It is difficult to reach for the water bottle when you being pummeled.

In the morning, I worked as much as I could. After the Tylenol kicked in, I got some more work done. Nutshell version: woke up, worked, passed out face down, worked, bedtime. Oh, and I watched Top Gear episodes to escape reality.

Sunny warm, tasty goodness touched my heart when I saw the comments to my post about going to jail. There are good people in this world and they all read my blog. 🙂 Thank you to anyone who visits. Clearly, the Internet crashed and my site was the only one still working.

Today, I got a shiny new midline. Cipro is so caustic to my veins, I am surprised it doesn’t smoke when it infuses. That would be cool – smoky, steaming veins, Vampire-like. “Yo, Unknown, you on Cirpo?” “Sure am, Bob. Can’t wait ’til it gets dark and I can go outside.”

I forgot to bring antiperspirant. Oops. That didn’t stop a female doctor from giving me a hug today, which surprised me. But then again, I am a big Care Bear and people can’t resist me. On on my big white belly isn’t a rainbow, or a heart. No, I think you know what message is printed there. I’m the Care Bear that was edited out of the show. I’m the Care Bear known as. (Do I have to write it for you?)


11 thoughts on “The Care Bear who didn’t make the cut

  1. I’m so glad we , your loyal fans, gave you a moment of warm, tasty goodness. I would like you to note that you have no less than 13 followers… word of your awesomeness is spreading.
    AND the fact that a female doctor hugged you just contributes to my theory that you are smokin’ hot and only wear the bag to not intimidate your readership. 😉
    Hang in there handsome.

    CF wife

    • Liz,

      I had a moment back in the 80s when I was playing in a Hall and Oats cover band when I was handsome. But being on the road and playing all those gigs at 7-11s really took their toll on me.

      Yes, I have 13 readers. A new record for me. Yay.


  2. Get yourself a port good sir! Sorry to hear You are locked up again. I’ve been feeling like I’ve been on the outside of the woods looking in at the deep dark lung infection hiding in the woods the past few weeks. I’ve been going to the gym, riding my bike and doing everything I can to keep my lungs working. But on Monday I crashed my bike and broke my collar bone….. all I’m going to say is that coughing hurts….

    • Colin,

      Did you hear the gasp? That was me when I got to the end of your reply. Sh**. Hello, painkillers and beer time.

      You will get through it, painfully. Time for a stationary bike you can’t tip over.

      Heal fast.

      Thanks for staying in touch.


  3. I see the 3 foot rule doesn’t apply to female doctors! Don’t let Fox know or he’ll be there quicker than you’ll know it with a crate of beer ready to party. 😉 More healing vibes coming your way from Englandshire. P.S. I’ve started tunnelling, should be with you soon.

    • Sean,

      I’m still laughing about the violation of the three foot rule. Clearly, she saw me and lost her mind. Couldn’t help herself. Overcome by my man musk.

      Fox,well, we know what he would have done with that opportunity now, don’t we?

      Top Gear is such an awesome show.


  4. I’ve made a cake with a file in it, but it seems like I am a bit early with it.

    Leave the ladies alone in there, can’t take you anywhere.

    Also, got some good news for you, its a GP weekend – so stop working you crazy fool and start getting wit’ the GP program.

  5. We don’t have hugging doctors in Europe yet. I think it’s a new form of therapie,three hugs daily from a handsome doctor. Mmm,like all new good things CF-wise comes from the States 🙂

  6. Hey Hollywood,

    Sorry to hear you’re locked up. I share your hatred for “fishing” phlebotomists. I’m a hard stick too. I think it’s a curse of CF.

    I wasn’t sure how else to get in touch with you so I came here to leave you a random link to a thread about hospital indemnity policies for CFers. You might already have one, or you could be insulin dependent, which would disqualify you but here’s the link anyway.

    Happy reading!

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