The video on stress that helped me a great deal

Based on the number of stress-caused visits I’ve made to the emergency room in my lifetime, I’m the last person to give advice on dealing with stress.

To the rescue:

I share this video in the interest of helping others deal with something I’ve done a really lousy job of overcoming. And, thanks to the the content of this video, I think about stress in a different way now.

Who knew it was so simple?

2 thoughts on “The video on stress that helped me a great deal

  1. This is my new and frequent go to whenever someone says they’re stressed. As people with CF we should be even more aware of this argument on perspective simply because of the sheer number of times we get kicked while we’re down.

    I was at the train station the other day waiting for a trip back home from a CF appointment for a new study targeting us Double Delta F508s. Seeing this video, especially after such a heavy visit was momentous. It’s always been a personal mantra that “perspective is everything,” and this reaffirmed that belief for me. I also thought that I should send this to your blog, seeing as how you’re stressed… A LOT.

    Although, I’d say that putting your thought to web-paper is a good way to handle stressors. I’m glad you found this! (Sorry that I’m so ADD and always forget to share.)

    May the stress be with you!

    • Savannah,

      Thanks for thinking of me. Yes, I’m stressed, but I’m working on it. However, my insurance at work is changing the first of the year and now I’m stressed. But I’m working on it.

      I agree with you about the blog being a good way to reduce stress.

      Did you make the artwork of the Cats on your Facebook page? Really cool artwork. Just curious if you created it.

      Thanks for checking in.


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