Treadmill Desk: 3-month Update

Three months down, a lifetime to go. Here are my observations:

My fingernails and toenails grow faster. I know that sounds odd, like I’m Howard Hughes holed up in Mexico watching Ice Station Zebra, but I swear I cut them more often, especially my fingernails.

I can put my pants on without falling over. That makes me sound like a drunk or something, but I have incredible stability now. It doesn’t mean I can stand in front a of moving train and stop it, but I can give flamingos a run for their money.

I’ve tripled my weekly distance. I went back and looked at my first blog posts. I started with weekly mileage in the 20s. Not I’m walking between 55 and 70 miles a week. My daily record is 16 miles.

I walk faster. My minimum speed now is 1.3 MPH, but I can type at up to 2.7 MPH, though the more concentration I need, the slower I go.

The detritus of cystic fibrosis pollutes any desk.

The detritus of cystic fibrosis pollutes any desk.

My conditioning has improved. At a work dinner this week in Manhattan Beach, I dreaded walking up the hills to the van after a dinner of raw clams, scallops, french fries, and three scoops of ice cream, including a maple-bacon flavor that made cry it was so good. Surprise, I made it and didn’t feel completely winded. And, I kept talking while I walked. Miracle.

My work pants fit better. I’ve lost about five pounds, and most of it seems to be from around my waist. I still eat too many Mini M&M’s.

Treadmill desks get just as messy as regular desks. I need to move my Denver Broncos trash can closer.

Last thought: I wish I’d started walking while working years ago. I’d be in much better shape today.

6 thoughts on “Treadmill Desk: 3-month Update

  1. Dear Madman of LAShire,

    I’m pleased to see you’ve started your training early, I think the 1500m treadmill desk event is being included in the olympics! 😉

    Sir Sean

  2. That’s quite an accomplishment that you have every right to be proud of my Bronco buddy. Glad to hear all that hard work is paying dividends in so many ways.

    Don’t know about bacon-maple flavored ice cream though. Must be a LA thing.

    Cheers to better health!!

    • Sir Larry,

      Now see, that’s a very nice comment, unlike Sir Sean making fun of me. He can learn a few lessons from you. Never beat up a man walking on his treadmill.

      If you ever have a chance to taste maple-bacon ice cream, do. It’s amazing. Not just an LA thing.

      Best to you,


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