Parenting for the upcoming zombie wars

As my daughter approaches her teen years, my level of stress and worry increases: drugs, alcohol, guns, driving, high school drama, school shootings, men and boys that may want to hurt her, ineffective antibiotics, the bird flu, and who knows what else my mind can conjure up.

Wait, I do know: the end of the world and the complete breakdown of society as we know it.

I've been watching too many Walking Dead episodes. © Jeffrey Collingwood -

I’ve been watching too many Walking Dead episodes. © Jeffrey Collingwood –

There I said it. Throw me in an underground holding tank with a deck of Uno cards and the rest of the doomsday nuts.

However, before you do, I wonder if I and others haven’t been approaching parenting the wrong way. I mean we’re the protective generation of parents, aren’t we? We do everything we can to keep our children safe, which is a good thing. But I  wonder if we should have been looking at the “big picture” instead of worrying about our kids falling off a swing at the park, or riding a skateboard without knee pads.

Like doing more to make sure they inherit a habitable Earth.

I know other generations of parents have worried about their children and the future. However, are we the first parents to ever have the concern of our planet being so screwed up it won’t be able to sustain life?

And, as life heads to a possible end with food and water shortages, overpopulation, a larger percentage of poor, rising sea levels and global warming, what will those last years of life on the planet be like?

Yes, I worry too much. I know. I just wonder while the majority of us are working our asses off, and paying bills, and putting food on the table, and figuring out how to pay medical bills, and stressing about our jobs, who is keeping the planet safe from harm?

Was that up to us too?

I think it was.

2 thoughts on “Parenting for the upcoming zombie wars

  1. Sir UC,
    Firstly, I feel certain you and your wife have raised your daughter the way all parents should raise their children with much love and respect.
    And finally, I really liked his post as I, too, am concerned about our future world with the critical issues you mentioned.. Our recycling efforts and raising awareness helps but the change isn’t happening. We need help from everyone around this beautiful place we call home. If drastic measures aren’t taken soon,; really soon, future generations will be asking how did we allow this to happen.

    Enough said (I hope). Peace.

    • Larry,

      Kind of you to say about our parenting. Not sure about my role in it. I’m the button-pusher in the family.

      I’m glad you’re concerned about the planet too. I don’t know why, but it makes me feel better. I’m not sure what we can do about the problem. It may not be in Humanity’s nature to stop it before it happens.


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