The sadness of gravity

Returning from space can be difficult.

Home, sweet home

I’ve been back for over 10 days and I’m still not acclimated to life on Earth.

Everything was so calm and cozy in that spaceship – Earth outside, round and blue. Just my fellow astronauts to bother me, but few challenges of every day life and dealing with people to stress about. Nope, just the hum of the space shuttle and the child-like joy of existing in a zero-gravity environment.

Everything I needed to sustain my life was in that confined, artificial space. My lungs felt good with reduced inflammation. My meals were brought to me. My treatments delivered and medicine piped into me. Oh, the quality of service in space.

And then I came back to Earth.

And its gravity. And its heaviness.

Its noises and traffic and people. Its smells, odors and sharp edges.

Its speed. Its weight.

I’ve been discombobulated since my return. I don’t feel in rhythm with my environment. People speak but their lips don’t sync to the sound. Damn Bluetooth lag.

Other than work, I’ve been less than productive. No blog posts. Little reading. And I’ve spent a good deal of time playing Forza 4 on Xbox each night. I’m practicing to beat @Onlyz after suffering numerous losses to him this weekend. Damn British drivers.

I have a bad case of the blahs and I need answers.

What’s the meaning of life, Siri?


Are you there, Siri?

Is Steve Jobs really God, Siri?

Do the pearly gates have Apple logos on them? 

Siri, do you know what’s it like to be weightless? To float in space? To be confined for weeks at a time? 

Siri, honey?

Who am I, Siri? What’s my purpose? How should I spend my last days on Earth?


Oh, you’re just the beta version. Good, something to look forward to. 

8 thoughts on “The sadness of gravity

  1. yes, you really need to practice more. I think it is probably down to the fact that racing drivers in the USA only have to slowly turn in one direction on the whole. Can’t be good.

  2. I am inherently a “fixer” and love to give solutions to make people feel better….but today I will just send *hugs* and good thoughts. Here’s hoping you reacclimate soon. All of my best ~j

  3. Dear Madman of Outerspaceshire,

    It’s times like these that you need to go to a pub with 2 respectable Englishmen and drink an unhealthy amount of proper hand pulled Ales!
    Btw, from what I’ve heard @onlyz has been taking it easy on you and not told you it’s actually D that has been kicking your arse at Forza!
    Sir Sean

    • Seanset,

      Well, if D was driving, I’d hate to be her father when the insurance bill comes due. She’ll be taking out a few cars, buildings and pedestrians. I’m practicing for a rematch.


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