Hospital stays are like snowflakes

The master escape artist

I escaped.

Once again.

Yes, once again, I lived to tell about my journey to the Hospital California. And I wonder if it’s how Houdini felt when he escaped his self-made devices. Until he didn’t.

One day, I won’t, but I’m hoping that day is a long time coming.

But I do feel like I know what it’s like to hang upside down in a straight jacket and chains staring down at the ground and swelling crowd, which in my world is filled with doctors and nurses.

They look up at me, an oddity, dangling, and wish for a single link to snap, to give into the weight, and bring me down to earth. Splat. Now this is something they’ve seen in a medical textbook. Page 898, not unlike an egg hitting the floor.

Once again the experience was unique and unlike any other hospital stay. They’re never the same. New nurses, doctors, personalities, dosages, drugs, tests, sounds, smells – mistakes. Every day a new challenge. Every day a new result. You never leave the same person.

This time, like many others, I left feeling worse than when I went in thanks to C diff. I didn’t escape unscathed. My stomach is wrecked.

Obviously, the antibiotics harm the good bacteria in my gut, but I counter it with probiotics, which have worked in the past. This time the fridge was set to “high” before I noticed. I didn’t know a small fridge could get Alaska cold. So, I’m wondering if the freezing temperature ruined my stock of probiotics. Or if I didn’t take enough. I don’t know. But I do know I’m in for two weeks of vanco, a blowtorch of a drug.

I’ll be dropping pounds in the coming weeks.

You want to know the fastest way to loose weight? It’s not Jenny f**king Craig. It’s c diff. It strips the weight off fast. And you can eat all you want. Doesn’t matter. Shove it all in. Go to a buffet, run behind the counter and protective glass and stick your face in each tray. Eat like a horse. Go mad. Scream out, “I can eat anything I want and you assholes can’t stop me.”  The scale won’t care. It’s magic and never goes up.

I do wonder, and I had this thought in the hospital, too, if it’s not best at some point not do everything right. Not to eat right. Not to do treatments. Not to exercise. But rather, to adopt the Rock Star lifestyle of excess. I wonder. It sounds appealing at times, but not realistic for a long life span.

And as mine may come to an end soon – let’s hope not – I feel more pressure than ever to create something memorable to leave behind. To do something different with the time I have. I’m not sure what it is. Just something satisfying. A good use of my time. Because, god knows, I’m misused what I’ve had over the years.

The pressure of creative success never goes away. It’s a ghost that haunts.

12 thoughts on “Hospital stays are like snowflakes

  1. Dear Madman of LAShire,

    So pleased to hear that you’ve made it to the other side relatively unscathed.

    I guess it’s 2 McGriddles for breakfast for a while then? Better than bamboo anyway! 🙂

    Stay healthy my friend
    Sir Sean

    • Seansettlement,

      Thank you.

      I had a McGriddle and a hot chocolate today, throwing caution to the wind. Living crazy. Should have asked for a spoonful of coke in it. That would have cost a pretty penny.

      Oh, and yes, I’d rather eat a McGriddle than bamboo. Pandas have it rough.


  2. UC!!!!!
    I have so much to say and only a moment to write, but just wanted to throw up a giant wine glass (or beer or margarita or vodka or whatever) to you and say ‘Cheers’ on making it out of hell, again, and back to the 2 people who you go through all the hell for. I send you my love and admiration, as always. I need to write you more and fill you in on our lives when I have more time. Stay strong and know that you have already done so very very much with your time- primarily loving those 2 people who share your house.
    Oh, and F c-diff.

  3. I hate C.Diff. It’s an SOB! I’m having those issues myself lately.

    Regarding your legacy and making your mark on the world. You have. You have a wife and a daughter who will read this blog and see the awesome person that they never knew existed. You’re still my favorite blogger and a straight up good dude.

    Hang in their, Unknown. You’ve a ton more to do!

    • Josh, aka creative genius,

      Digging all the output from the mind of Josh these days. You’re on a roll.

      I agree with you about the blog. I’m proud of most of it. It’s creative energy with a result. That’s better than watching TV and creating nothing. I want to create something bigger, more widely accepted.

      Thanks for the kind words. I take them seriously and am honored.

      Your friend,


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