Random shallow thoughts on blogging and 300 posts

Unleash the virtual confetti. This is post number 300. Woo hoo.

Okay, celebration over. Cut it. Return the llamas and clowns. End of party.

Instead of cake, how about some random thoughts on blogging?


Thanks to everyone who visits. Without you I would have quit this damn thing a long time ago. Maybe I should be angry at you for making me do this. It’s all your fault. Do you know how much television I could have watched?

Let’s see . . . 2 to 4 hours per post, sometimes more. Average 3 hours. 300 posts. 900 HOURS? I could have watched Road House 450 times! Am I mad in the head?

Yes. Yes, I am.


From the “This I know to be true” department: I suck at self-promotion.

I’m torn between having fewer readers I like or having a large audience of people I don’t know because that’s what you’re supposed to do as a blogger. I’ve chosen a contrarian strategy and sometimes think about going dark with my blog and having no readers.

Yes, I would miss you – except my two pals in England (you know who you are, troublemakers).


Why am I blogging? I ask that question a lot. I know I started it for my daughter, but I can’t answer it anymore. Why try to define it now?

It is. I am.


Department of “illogic”: I can write 300 blog posts, but I can’t write a novel.

This I don’t understand.

But then writing blog posts is a 1,000 times more fun than writing novel chapters. Especially when you’re writing after a full day of work where you get paid to write.

At night with blurry eyes, it’s all about writing what I want to write.


I feel good about all of the posts. I took them seriously, put a lot of effort into them.

Am I happy with them? No.

Did any of them turn out the way I thought they would? No.

But the magnificent Bono once said he’s not satisfied with most U2 songs. So, I feel better. Not really.

One day I’ll nail one of these posts, but don’t bet on it.


I never know which posts will draw reactions. I’ve spent days on some. Gone late into the night and thought, “I’VE DONE IT. I’VE FINALLY WRITTEN A DECENT POST.”

Then I hit “publish” thinking I’ll see comments in the morning. Nothing. Zero. The sound of outer space.

I suck.


Having an eclectic blog sounded good in theory. Readers come and go. I talk about the dogs, I get dog readers. I talk about CF, my CF friends chime in. Politics, everyone splits. I’m not sure writing about various subjects builds a large, consistent readership. One subject seems the way to go.

I should write a cooking blog. I don’t cook. Kiss that idea goodbye.

I wonder if three blogs is the answer – keep the subject matter consistent for each blog. Too much work.


Why subscribers should always read the blog post at the web site: Typos.

How many times have I hit “publish” thinking I fixed all of the typos? A lot.

Then, after one more read, I find another. Typo. Argh. Typo. Argh. Typo. Oh, Hell.


From the “best laid plans” department: My goal is to write only short posts and funny posts. My apologies for the 299 posts* that weren’t either.

(*My friend, Karyn of Australia, wrote a funny one for me. The other 299 are my responsibility. Send any complaints to Sean and Matt Smythington, 555 Bite Me Lane, Cleethorpes, England, 98YurAss573t)


I miss Fox.

23 thoughts on “Random shallow thoughts on blogging and 300 posts

      • I would love to dance! But… we’ll have to get all gowned up so we don’t get out CF goodies all over the place…

        In regards to the sex topic on the blog… sex as a form of airway clearance- it really DOES help

  1. You, my friend, don’t suck. Your posts are a rambling, rollicking romp and I enjoy the hell out of them. As I’m sure most people do.

  2. Oh UC, you always bring a smile to my face, usually its for the humor, sometimes for the wit, and often as I prepare to agree with you on some political stance… this time though my friend, its for the absurdity of this post.

    Why you post if of no consequence the fact that you continue to is what matters! I have to confess…. I haven’t read most of your posts pre-‘finding’ you. Ive read a few, and loved every. single. one. Not because I understand CF, not because I agree with everything you say, not because Im a Halloween-hater like you, but because you give an almost tangible glimpse into your world, you make me feel your frustration, pain, elation and joy… and you make me think about things I often don’t take the time to think about – and question myself and my stance on matters. Ok, also you seem like a damn good person – and frankly there are a whole lot of assholes in the world so that’s a bonus too.

    Never stop posting. Never go dark, what would I do with my 12am-1am reading slot?

    • Karyn,

      You are too kind. What a nice comment. Thank you. I had no idea I was doing all of these things, thought I have my doubts and wonder if you say this to all your blogging friends. 🙂 Kidding.

      I don’t know if I’m a good person or not. I try to be, but don’t always succeed. I do have a “don’t be an asshole today, asshole” sign posted at my desk. I guess it’s working. Seriously, I do think it’s an interesting point you raise about being nice. I’ve met a lot of nice people here by blogging. I don’t have a high opinion of humanity and what we as humans are capable of. Our prisons here in the USA are brimming with criminals. Every day I read about some well educated asshole Wall Streeter getting arrested for fraud. But here in the wilds of the internet exist a lot of good people like your trying to make the most out of life. And to do it without f’ing Fracking, which is the worse technology ever.

      Thanks again, Queen of Australia, for your comments and virtual friendship.


  3. Congratulations on 300! Although Yelling Near You is just over a month old, I have been there with a previous blog, questioning why am I blogging? Why don’t the posts I work hard on get more but sometimes fewer comments than the ones I give little to no effort? Do I want to be wildly “successful” with throngs of followers or have a closely knit group of blogging friends? My attitude is that if you’re not blogging for the purpose of selling a book or monetizing it somehow then it should be fun. As soon as it becomes work or some sort of dreaded obligation it’s time to call it quits. Have fun, don’t fret the small stuff like number of comments or readers and bring us another 300!

    • Mark,

      Wow. What a great comment. Thanks. Good to know I’m not the only thinking some of these blogging thoughts. Great advice. I meant that. Very helpful and assists me in keeping my head on straight about these nights I stay up writing posts. Fun is the key word.

      Thanks again for taking the time and commenting. Much appreciated.


  4. Happy 300, UC! Please don’t ever stop… no matter what your original reasons were for starting, nor how those reasons may have morphed into new reasons over time, I always love reading your words.
    And seriously hardly every notice a typo. 🙂

    CF wife

  5. Congrats! That’s quite an accomplishment. There’s at least one more category of readers you attract — those who recognized and enjoy good writing. You’re very gifted, and warped, and fun.

    I’m so impressed you’re spending 2-4 hours of your OWN time to do this. Sounds like a labor of love.

    • MAL,

      Thank you for the kind words. I appreciate them very much. I’m glad you’ve been here for many of the 300 posts. Are you close to 300 comments yet? 🙂 Thanks again for each one you’ve left.

      I’d say 2 to 4 hours is the average. Sometimes less, sometimes more.

      Here’s to another 300 and both of us being around to see a 1,000 more after that. 🙂


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