Post a day 2011 – Post 1

So, I’ve lost my mind. I signed on to WordPress‘s post a day.

One of my favorite games and one I can crush anyone at in the most ruthless manner possible. Wikipedia Commons.

I’m not sure what to call it. It’s not a contest. It’s not a vitamin. It’s not loaded with nutrients. It’s a way to blog more – every day.

They say it’s about quantity, not quality. Hell, I’ve been delivering quantity over quality for about two years to a total of 9 or 10 readers per post. I can “abso-tively” work up the hot air to drop a deuce of a post here once a day.

Consider this gem to be post #1, or as we say in my house these days as my daughter learns and mutilates one of the most beautiful languages in the world, Spanish, post numero uno.

All 9 of you have been warned, though you may want to visit each day to watch the word-train derail, killing all of its innocent letters.

X and Z, we hardly knew ya. 

10 thoughts on “Post a day 2011 – Post 1

  1. looking forward to it. I might be getting locked up next week so i will need something to read/look forward to when I’m in the slammer.

    • Colin,

      Dude, you’ve fallen victim to the fall hospital stay. That’s sucks. Sending you something much better to read. Of course, what I’m sending you really doesn’t have words, just pictures of . . . well, hot nurses. You’re welcome.


  2. See, its working already. I’m follower number 11!

    I’m in the same boat as you, but only signed for the ‘post-a-week’. Now I’m all inspired and have 3 posts in the wings waiting, I’m trying to decide if I should keep them there for backups, or ‘graduate’ to the’ post-a-day’ commitment.

    Who knew there would be so much pressure with WordPress? Anyway, I will add you to my blogroll (would love if you would do the same), stalk you a little and keep the fear alive, to ensure motivation stays high.
    Good luck!

    • Observant Mind,

      I like your site. You’re number 6 because I lost half my readers yesterday thanks to the blog post a day thing. One thing you need to know: Don’t believe anything I write. That will help you.

      I believe you can blog once a week. I know you can. I used to post once a day. I found that if I carried a pad of paper around with me and wrote down my ideas as they came, I had no problem staying up with the task. Also, ride the wave when you have it and stockpile posts. I never did this very much because I was keeping up with a post a day, but my friends have done it with success. Before you know it, you’ll be posting twice a week just to unload them.

      Thanks for checking in and writing.


      • I love the idea of posting ideas as they come. I have the ideas, but forget them – something about age and losing one’s mind. I’m going to try it your way.
        I will be sure and consider you a pathological liar as requested. Thanks for the suggestion – with that in mind, your site just got a whole lot more interesting!
        Look forward to seeing what you come up with next and thanks for the feedback on my blog. Cheers!

      • Observant Mind,

        You powers of observation are sharp regarding the liar comment, though the challenge is figuring out what is fact and what is fiction.

        Just to clarify, I wrote down ideas I had for blog posts on a piece paper when they came to me. It’s amazing how many nuggets we think of during the day and forget later when it comes to writing. That was the only way I could keep up with a good post a day, or what I thought was a good post. I was a writing machine for many months.

        Looking forward to your next post.


    • Stacey,

      What the hell? Are you using the word, Dollop, on my site? You know that’s not allowed. Actually, I have no idea what you mean other than you’re calling yourself, Dollop, like a pet name. Therefore, I will call you that from now on.


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