Autumn stumps me

I’m not sure why autumn doesn’t like me. It’s been a trend for many years for it to kick my ass up and down and back again.

This is not Los Angeles in Autumn, which is palm trees and cement. (SXC license)

All three of my embolizations have been in the fall, including one in Germany thanks to hemoptysis over the Atlantic Ocean. I’ve mentioned this before, but I never get tired of telling it just because I survived to live another day.

Even without bleeding in the fall, it’s the season when I’ve experienced the most hospitalizations. I don’t really understand it and my feeble brain has never been able to decode it. I go into the hospital during autumn and usually stay out until I catch the Flu in March.

This year, I’m doing my best to load up on broccoli, wasabi, vitamin C, which I got out of the habit of using in high doses, and vitamin D. I would start taking curcumin root, but with the Lovenox shots, I read it might increase the chance of bleeding, though I may risk it.

I feel like an ex-con who doesn’t want to go back to prison. The thought of it makes me ill.

I should start a pool with donations going to the CF Foundation and have my friends bet on the day I go in. Just by writing this, I have tempted the CF gods to punish me.

My insider advice to any pool players: take tomorrow, Friday. The CF gods are a vindictive and angry bunch.

6 thoughts on “Autumn stumps me

  1. Unfortunately Fall is my worst season as well :’-( it’s usually mid to late October when I start to go downhill real fast. I hope nothing too serious happens to you. Think of happy thoughts like foxes jumping on trampolines!!!!

    BTW: Is your port functioning again??

    • Stina,

      That’s a bummer. You went through so much this summer. Maybe the CF gods will give you credit for that time served and the sinus crap. There has to a reason the fall hits us hard.

      My port always worked. The clot is in my neck where the port line enters. It sucks.


  2. Please be carefull with the curcuma;I experienced bloodthinning effects from it. Coughed up a little blood when i was on it,just saying. Greetz

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