I kissed a widget – and I hated it (post #2)

F’ing widgets.


I had great plans this morning to get a jump on post #2 in Post a Day 2011, which is already a beast of burden on day two. But I came at it with great positivity anyway. Then I took a trip to Widget Hell.

I clicked on my Post a Day widget and went nowhere. Dead link. Html error? Back to the widget instructions for 30 minutes of trial and error.

Oh, Hell!

This is exactly what happened when I tried to add Josh’s Joshland widget, which is still dead by the way because I’m still too lazy to fix it and all five of my readers (number cut almost in half by yesterday’s post) already know how to get to Joshland. And any stragglers who accidentally land on my site because they searched “wonders of Viagra and mohitos,” or something similar, can always google Josh’s most excellent site.

So, thanks to widget and html frustrations today, this is the post you get.

Work, widget, work. (Would Widget be a cute name for a dog?)

Be happy with it like the time you stopped at the roadside diner and stood out like a sore thumb because everyone knew you weren’t a local.

And you were just happy to be served the lukewarm coffee and the pancakes they made a little too thick and soggy.

And some odd-looking kid working there (yes, it could have been the child version of me), perhaps the son of the owner, (hmm, my dad owned a diner) kept mouthing “good tasting cakes, huh?” 

And you couldn’t help but take a nice big bite of the gooey mess with the extra syrup you devoted to it and smile back with batter stuck to your gums, then leave with your life still intact, only to have to stop 20 miles down the road at a rest-stop that had seen better days when the state government had a budget because that kid had put something in your breakfast. (Maybe, he did. Who’s asking?)

Why did I sign up for this?

Here’s your WordPress version of that experience. Have a nice day and y’all come back now.

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