Letter to my daughter, 03/22/11

Dearest Daughter,

We’ve spent two days together while Mommy is away on business. Thanks for making my life easy, so far. But there’s always tomorrow to change course and wake up in a foul mood and fuss about putting your shoes on. We’re not home free yet.

I do, my wonderful daughter, need to share an observation with you I noticed this week: You’re Fox’s child, not mine. Yes – you are.

This became very clear to me the first morning when I had an epiphany and saw your fox tail showing.

Here’s how I knew: How many years has Mommy brought you a heated blanket in the morning, carried you to breakfast, and sat you on her lap feeding you?

Hmm, I wonder?

Then, when she’s away for a few days, and I’m here, you manage to get up without an alarm clock, put together your own breakfast, eat it in record speed, and have 30 minutes to get dressed and ask if you can play Pokemon.

And no blanket or sleepy-head look? Very interesting indeed.

You see, I now know your secret – you bamboozled your mother! All these years and you kept the act up. Well done, my child. Well played, young lady. Well. Played.

I will keep your wicked little secret when Mommy gets back, and let you have your pack-mule moment of being carried to the table. It makes your mother happy, though she’s having a hard time carrying you now. How old will you be when you exceed the maximum weight limit for that ride? I’m sure it will be sad for all of us.

From this point forward, each time I see her lugging you like a heavy bag of groceries, I’m going to have a huge smile on my face watching you, Baby Fox. Yes, you.

Enjoy your trick, honey, because before you know it, you’ll be carrying your own daughter to breakfast wondering when she got so heavy, and wasn’t she just a baby a few days ago, and where did the time go?

Where did it go?

And you’ll remember, at that very moment, what I once told you in a blog post – you blinked.

With all my love,


4 thoughts on “Letter to my daughter, 03/22/11

  1. Good girl! All smart little girls learn the art of manipulation very early on in life. I’m so proud of her!

    By the way, I hope you don’t mind that I “borrowed” your letter writting to your daughter thing. I probably should have reference and footnoted 😉

      • Love the letter. And the fact that she has bamboozled her mom. I think I will let my daughter bamboozle me too – on things like carrying her to breakfast, or kissing her boo-boos, or anything involving snuggling.
        And Stacey, I love that you ‘stole’ the letter writing to your children… it’s such a great idea.
        So glad the wet dynamite is staying diffused while the wifey is away, UC. take care,

      • Liz,

        Thank you. Yes, she has her mom right where she wants her. It’s a good thing I’m immune to the charms. Or not.

        Stacey owes me royalties. She refuses to pay. I’ll put a lean on her blog soon.

        Mild explosion this morning. Not bad, but a little more than I like to see, which is really none.

        Best to you and the husband,


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