My Friend Nanos

Hello, on the last Saturday of June.

I am really cute. Read about my owner at Please Pass the Salt.

Yesterday, I was tweeting with my friend @nanosmakemepuke, who, BTW, has one my favorite Twitter names of all time. In the future, we may find out that actual nanos were doing more than just making us puke, but that is a story for another day.

I feel lucky to know Nanos online, as she’s smart, funny, insightful, and has the ability to look at things from a different angle – a skill I value.

She also started a very cool blog. Please take a look.

She and her husband Matt have a life in Texas and are two of the hippest cats I know. Her blog has a style all its own.

And if you have the time, please leave a comment [click on “notes” to do this]. You’ll get a cool answer back and a free coupon for a Chipotle burrito bowl. Just kidding about the coupon part, but she did teach me the meaning of the word “regulate.” And I can tell you that one day, I’m going to regulate cystic fibrosis.

From Please Pass the Salt:


Regulate: To lay down the law. Begin controlling s@&$. Often by
physical force/restraint.


4 thoughts on “My Friend Nanos

  1. You’re right, she’s got a great blog. Thanks!

    BTW, at the risk of sounding unhip and well, middle aged, what is a nanos?

    • Yes, UC is right. “Nanos” is kind of layman’s slang, or a word my grandmother might use to ask about what I studied in grad school (nanoparticles). It’s sort of on purpose miss-speak. Real scientists would never refer to nanoparticles as “nanos” in the company of colleagues…so shh—don’t tell my science friends!

      P.S. MAL—thanks for reading and for the comments!

      • oh, whew! i was worried it was going to be something like *crib* = house or *pimp* = decorate. MTV makes me feel like an even older fogey.

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