PFTs, Body Blows and Advice from the Fox

Sometimes a CF punch doesn’t knock me down.  Sometimes its a good punch to the body and takes my breath away,  but I regroup.

That’s why I hate PFTs.

Today, at my post hemoptysis appointment, I took a punch. Not a terrible punch, but I felt it.  PFTs were down a bit but not terrible. Not enough to warrant a jail sentence.

The psychology is tough though: Can I regain the lost lung function?

What would the fox do?  I ask.  “Benzyl Isothiocyanates,” says the fox.

Oh, well. I’m still in the fight. That’s the good news. Not sure what I’m going to do about the hemoptysis in the long run. Got the “1% chance embolization can cut off blood supply to your spinal cord” speech.

Wet my pants and went home. Ate my broccoli and slaw and strategized my next punch.

4 thoughts on “PFTs, Body Blows and Advice from the Fox

  1. Benzyl Isothiocyanates ??
    Sorry about the PFT drop – doesn’t matter if it was a small drop – you always question whether it’s permanent or not – every % counts… right? such a frustrating feeling… Hope you recover it!

    • Thanks for visiting again. I checked out your blog a few weeks ago. I think you have “splunk,” too. Keep hanging in there and fighting the hemoptysis, though some days there is just nothing we can do but hang on.

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