And now for a commercial break from CF – my boycott of Minute Maid

I watched American Idol tonight with my wife and daughter.  It wasn’t the bad performances that upset me – it was a Minute Maid® commercial.

In the commercial, healthy Gen-Y’ers are having a great time boating in the middle of the ocean.  A shark bumps their boat and a plastic cooler of Minute Maid falls over the side. The shark swims off with it, drinks the Minute Maid lemonade and starts jumping out of the water and dancing on its tail.

Here’s a link to the commercial on

My favorite shot: a bunch of destroyed plastic Minute Maid bottles floating in the ocean.

Does anyone at Minute Maid or its global parent company Coca-Cola® know about the large growing wasteland of plastic debris north of Hawaii or the new one now forming in the Atlantic?

Plastic in our oceans is one of the greatest threats to our health we face. Plastic is poison to sea life and makes its way into us through the consumption of seafood. I bet a portion of it comes from Coca-Cola products.  The problem is that much of the plastic is small pieces floating just beneath the surface, which makes clean up difficult, if not impossible.

Here’s a link to a video that tells the story of the problem north of Hawaii. It has adult language and is long, but shows the plastic problem up close.

So, tonight my boycott of Minute Maid and Coca Cola begins. They need to pull the ad immediately.

I leave you with the last line of the commercial spoken by one of the kids on the boat looking at the floating plastic bottles:  “Who’s gonna get the empties?” Exactly, my friend. Exactly.

4 thoughts on “And now for a commercial break from CF – my boycott of Minute Maid

  1. I boycotted last night because of Simon being the CEO of one of the organizations receiving money and distributing it to others that participate in abortions as a means of population control.

    Let’s try this: don’t have unprotected sex if you don’t want kids. Some of us would be glad to adopt a kid if you didn’t abort. Now to find a way to adopt without costing an arm and a leg in fees…

    • I like you. You’re angry and passionate. Two qualities I admire.

      You didn’t miss anything last night, at least for the first hour because that’s all we’ve watched so far. The first hour has been poor. Not sure what happened with their production value. George Lopez roasting the judges? Oh, man. Not good. Hope second hour is better. Black Eyed Peas gave terrible performance, BTW.

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