Getting ready for Friday’s Thriller in Manila

Well, Gentlemen, it’s on – Cystic Fibrosis defined by the sexes.

CysticGal has accepted my blog challenge.

Tomorrow, the battle of CF wits takes place here and on my opponent’s web site.

Here’s my training plan for Friday:

  1. Wash down the venison burger I ate for dinner with a bottle of Tequila.
  2. Roll out of bed around noon to write.
  3. Forgo the shower cause I need a healthy man musk going for this one.
  4. Spend some “me time” reading on the can.
  5. Change the oil in my Trans-Am.

I’ll be ready to rock n roll. See you here on Friday.

6 thoughts on “Getting ready for Friday’s Thriller in Manila

  1. Hollywoooood! ‘Sup dude? I thought you were lost forever. Cool blog. Glad I found it.

    Are you aware of Q’s memorial? It’s in Boston on May 1. Lots of the CF’s are going. I am not. Wish I could though. He was a cool dude.

    • So, nice to hear from you. Thanks for visiting. I’m not the blogger you are, but I have been enjoying it the last few months. It takes the weight of this disease off my shoulders a bit.

      Thanks for the update on Q’s memorial. I hope someone tapes it. I don’t really fly much anymore. Too much stuff to pack and takes too much out of me. I try to avoid it. Did you stay in touch with him until the end?

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