Fantastic Mr. Fox didn’t have CF, but if he did . . .

My family and I watched Fantastic Mr. Fox Thursday night.  Great movie.  My daughter and I loved it. My wife fell asleep and would have loved it had she stayed awake (living with me is a tiring experience no doubt).

The movie, or more specifically Mr. Fox, reminded me of what it takes to fight CF successfully – you have to be a fox. You have to be crafty and quick on your feet. You have to have animal instincts that constantly monitor changes in your environment (or your health). If you stop being vigilant, you’re liable to get shot by an angry farmer, or stomped by cystic fibrosis.

Also, always have an escape plan.  Mr. Fox escaped some tight situations.  Each time I get out of the hospital, I feel like I escaped the buckshot to live another day.  And I savor life, sweat the little stuff less, and appreciate my wife and daughter even more after these close calls.

Based on the CF blogs I read, there are a lot of foxes out there fighting CF, using any edge they can get to outfox the disease.  It’s not just CFers who have this skill.  Parents of CFers outwit the disease, too, using clever tricks to keep their children healthy. And, like Mr. Fox, these fellow Vulpes vulpes are doing it with style and class.

Long live the fox.

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