I fly again, and live to blog about it

I can’t remember how long it’s been since I was on an airplane. 3 or 4 years? Last week, I left the state for the first time since we drove to Las Vegas. And it went smoothly. Too smoothly, as if the air-travel gods were luring me back to the sky.

It did help that I took an Ativan before leaving for the airport. But security was a breeze, though I did receive the usual X-ray rescan of my compressor and cold pack for my Cayston. Snowpiercer and the sequel to 300 kept my mind occupied on the flight, and I touched down in New Jersey ahead of schedule. Too smooth.

The rented O2 concentrator was at the hotel when I arrived. Smooth.

This is the O2 Concentrator to own. It's quiet as a fan and doesn't weigh as much as bulkier units. I'm looking into swapping my noisy home unit for one of these.

This is the O2 Concentrator to own. It’s quiet as a fan and doesn’t weigh as much as bulkier units. I’m looking into swapping my noisy home unit for one of these.

After a brutal week of intense 12-hour days of work launching our training event, and an episode of A fib one stressful morning, I flew home. Okay, so the A fib wasn’t very fun, but I know how to deal with it now. I told everyone I was car sick and waited for the double Ativan dose to kick in.

With the exception of some blood on the day following my return, I’ve been okay, knock on wood. I wonder if the blood had anything to do with my falling asleep on the plane and possibly destatting? Question for my doctor.

Though I didn’t cough up blood on the flight, or at my destination, I have no interest in getting on a plane anytime soon. I still hate the whole process of flying. And I only flew this time because it was summer. Flying in the winter? No thanks.

But at least this time I made it back without any stories of hospitals. That, my friends, is cause for celebration.



7 thoughts on “I fly again, and live to blog about it

  1. My Cali friend,

    As I’ve mentioned so many times before, you are a champion! The fact that you would plan, pack, worry and actually go through with a trip like that, keeping the truth hidden from those that know you through work is astounding to me. You are a giant among men and don’t let any voices in your head tell you different!

    I know I don’t blog anymore, I miss it, no more excuses. One day I will.

    But I still read every one Of your posts, many of them I read aloud to my husband – he has heard more of your stories than mine! He’d like to meet you one day, you two would get along famously I’m sure.

    My own son had a middle of the night trip to the hospital not long ago with Sats in the low 80’s that would not be remedied. They were useless at best and since all I wanted was antibiotics (pneumonia) and some oxygen I wished I could have a medical degree and get those things for him in the comfort of his own home. I despise those placed almost as much as you I suspect.

    His journey will never be as rough as yours, but sometimes I feel like our journeys cross paths on occasion, it’s no fun but it’s nice to have a friend regardless!

    I’m so glad you’re doing well as is he and wish you a fantastic end to your summer – going to the beach with the family again I hope?

    Your Aussie friend,

    • Karyn,

      Well you made my day. I’m so excited to hear from you, my only friend down under. I wish flying was something I could do all the time. I’d take my family down to meet you and yours and all of the dangerous creatures that live in Australia.

      BTW, you are way too kind in your description of me. You are correct that I keep it secret. We all have challenges. But I do envy the people who can go back to the hotel and crash and not have to do 1.5 hours of treatments before bed and in the morning. They don’t know how lucky they are.

      I wish you’d blog again. I hope the lack of posts is a sign you’re enjoying life and too busy.

      So sorry to hear about your son and the trip to the hospital. As a fellow parent, oh my, that must have been scary. It must be gut-wrenching to go through episodes like that one with sats in the 80s. I’m not sure my journey is very rough. I think I’ve had it quite easy, especially compared to your son. He’s a trooper. I have to stop complaining on my blog.

      No beach vacation this year. My wife and I have had full work schedules that don’t line up. My work schedule has been crazy and is ramping down just as her work is ramping up.

      Thank your husband for listening to the audio version of my posts. 🙂

      Again, I’m just thrilled to hear from you. Thanks for the gift this week.

      I wish you and the entire family the best, as always.


      • I never saw this response! (testament to my iphone commenting systems failures!) Anyway, I just read it and now you’ve made MY day! What fun to receive virtual ‘letters’ for our overseas penpals!

  2. Hey John,
    Glad to hear your trip went well health wise and otherwise too I hope. Tell the boss for future overnight trips, you will require a nice motor home similar to John Madden’s.
    Take care ol buddy,

    • Larry,

      Thanks for checking in. I feel bad I’ve been so busy with work and haven’t had time to check on the Dodgers and Braves.

      I’ve always dreamed of having a summer off and renting a motorhome. Then taking the family around the country. Taking pictures in front of old gas stations and other cool buildings. Eating at diners. Seeing new places. Finding fields to let the dogs run as far as they can. Yep. that would be nice. We’d have to swing down to the south and check in with you. Maybe visit Berry College and the eagles.

      When will I win the lotto? 🙂

      Go Dodgers!


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