One year of using a treadmill desk

I rotate through shoes each day. So far, they've lasted a long time. Walk, walk, walk.

I rotate through shoes each day. So far, they’ve lasted a long time. Walk, walk, walk.

Here’s the fact I like most about the past 12 months of walking 50 to 70 miles a week while working: One hospitalization.

Yep. In years past, that number would be two or three hospital stays in a 12-month period. And the only reason for the last visit in November was because I caught the virus from hell.

Luck? Perhaps. But isn’t luck something we make ourselves?

There’s no doubt my conditioning is much better. I don’t get tired when we’re out and I walk a long distance. I can stand while others with normal health sit. I can stand all day now.

(Knock on wood to all of this, as life has a way of punishing me when I write good things here. I’ll risk it.)

So, in the last 12+ months, I estimate I’ve walked across the country – 2,500 miles or more. I average 10 to 14 miles a day, and 50 to 60 a week. Sometimes more than 70. My record for one day is 18 miles.

Total steps in the last year: I’m in the millions. I wish that total was in dollars.

I do my treatments while I walk. I eat M&Ms Minis while I walk. I eat and spill yogurt while I walk. I’m writing this post while I’m walking. And so far I’ve done all of these without wiping out, though I’ve had close calls.

The one downside created by the miles is planter fasciitis. The reality: my feet hurt. It’s hard to walk barefooted now. But it’s been worth the benefits to my lungs and the endurance I’ve gained in my legs.

I’ve lost about 10 pounds, a lot of it around my gut. And I’ve done it without eating less.

I’m grateful I read the New Yorker article a year ago and learned about walking on a treadmill while working. It had never occurred to me that there was an alternative to sitting all day at a computer. Lucky me, I say. Lucky me.


12 thoughts on “One year of using a treadmill desk

  1. Very happy you are doing so well! I have issues with flat feet and I went to Sport Chalet and bought “super feet” to put in my shoes. It fixed the problem!

  2. That is awesome man!! The proof is definitely in the pudding and I appreciate you being the guinea pig. As for plantar fasciitis, I developed that also while running and the only thing that helped was specially made orthotics from a trained specialist and getting a shoe fitting at a running store. Fortunately for me, I met a podiatrist at a CF event 😉

  3. I would love to set up a walk station for myself to use while surfing the internet. Maybe someday. I walk daily, 3 miles, for exercise and developed plantar fasciitis, too. Only my left foot. My podiatrist had me doing stretches in bed each am before I hit the floor (basically pulling your toes up towards your calf), no walking barefoot (she liked crocs for slippers), frequent purchase of new walking shoes (I love Brooks Gylcerin), and best of all, self massage of the injured foot by rolling a tennis ball. Switching it up with a golf ball. You gently work on the painful spots. Hurts so GOOD! My pf is mostly better now – I still do some rolling when I feel a little flare-up.

  4. This is so freakin’ awesome! It’s a huge accomplishment. I’ve got to figure out how to incorporate a treadmill into my workspace.

  5. Way to go Unknown! You inspired me to set up my own treadmill desk and I LOVE it. Oddly, I also have plantar fasciitis right now, but from running in stupid shoes, not from walking. I second the suggestion about rolling on the ball (I use a lacrosse ball). It hurts, but it really does help!

  6. I have no idea if I told you how your walking treadmill inspired me. It did. My poor husband was commissioned to create the same thing for me – it sounded like a fantastic idea! He half-assed it (God bless him and his ability to half-ass anything around the house) and so I use it in the same vein… SOMETIMES. I love it in theory, but I REALLY love my desktop 27″ iMac, there’s not a lot that can replace that and my macbook pro comes a poor second. But between you and I, I continue to tell my husband its because he half assed it. So you have good legs and a lean stomach and I just got better legs from my half assed effort at walking all day. (I do on average 2 hours which is an hour more than I used to do, so #Winning!) I cant tell you how many times I have received your fantastic and always inspiring posts on my email and Ive been on my iphone and commented and its asked me to login to WordPress AFTER Ive written the comment and I try and I forget the password (which is saved on the imac so I don’t have to remember – another reason to love it) and then I try a few more times, finally get it and then I get taken to the comment page and by this time my LONG ASSED comment has completely disappeared and I feel frustrated and defeated by a wordpress blog robot and resentful of the whole damn process when all I wanted to do was make a comment on my cyber-friends blog! Its happened A LOT. Regardless, this time Im on the iMac and theres no reason it shouldn’t work. Thank you for continuing your blog, I read every one and smile or grimace depending on the subject matter. FANTASTIC news to know you’ve only had 1 hospital stay in the past year. You are a hero. My son has not been so lucky. We have traveled to Sydney Children’s hospital on many occasions to try and figure out whats going on with him. He’s on steroids a lot ( I know you know about this) and it lowers his immune system and he gets sicker more often. We are 1/2 way through the school year in Aus and he’s had nearly 4 weeks off school sick. It sucks. I know you understand this too. People who suffer greatly and undeservedly deserve the greatest of allocades and more importantly admiration. Even better, they deserve a cure. I wish you well my friend and know I always read, even when I don’t comment, I always, always read. Karyn x

    • Karyn,

      Thank you for sharing this news about the treadmill. Excellent. It’s especially important for women to get the blood flowing. Sitting harms them more. Trying to convince my wife to do it. Strange I convinced my friend all the way in Australia, but not her.

      Regarding a lean stomach, well, sometimes. It depends on my M&M’s intake for the week.

      Oh, I feel for what your family has to go through, especially your son. I’m sending good wishes to the Universe to step in and help him.

      I’m happy you’re out there reading. If they do cure cf, I’m bringing the family to Australia and England to meet my blog friends. And Texas too. And AZ and GA. I’ll have a lot of places to visit.

      Keep walking. It gets easier.

      I wish all of you happiness and no hospital visits.

      Warmest regards,


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