Did anyone get the license-plate number of that virus?

I always thought the flu was the worst virus I could get. Oops. I was wrong, which makes me wonder what virus I really did catch. But like an unidentified “hit and run” driver, I’ll never know.

So, a big “FU” to the mystery virus from hell.

After three weeks of IVs, I’m done. Today will be my first shower in three weeks. I can’t wait. Even the dogs won’t get near me, and I have exceeded my own comfort level of grime.

My FEV1 hasn’t budged. I’m still coughing up a lake of phlegm three times a day. Oh, well, what can I do that I’m not already doing?

“Carry on and keep calm,” says the Wise Man.

It’s bright and sunny in Los Angeles today and life is good. And with a little luck, I’ll see another Thanksgiving and Christmas with my family. It doesn’t get better than that.

Happy Holidays


3 thoughts on “Did anyone get the license-plate number of that virus?

  1. Glad you’re off the IVs and life in LA is good again. Maybe you gave that mystery virus a strong dose of F-off and don’t ever come back.

    Enjoyed the song. Will have to look up the musician for more.

    After you get that shower, go hug your dogs, daughter and wife. Not necessarily in that order.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

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