Treadmill Desk: Day One

Day one results:

Time walking: 4.0 hours

4 hours on the nose. Now I just have to do this for the rest of my life, or the rest of the work days in my life.

4 hours on the nose. Now I just have to do this for the rest of my life, or the rest of the work days in my life.

Steps taken: 15,130

Miles walked: 5.18

Calories burned: 757

Body weight: 213.5

Day 1 lessons learned:

  • I can read and type an email response and control the mouse at up to 2.5 mph. No problem. If I need to concentrate, I have to reduce the speed.
  • Treadmills generate heat. And in my small office it can be hot in the summertime. Our AC bill is going to go up.
  • My hip is killing me. Not sure why. When I walk the dogs, it never bothers me. Something about my stride on the treadmill isn’t right. I hope this won’t be a deal breaker, but I am concerned. Hopefully, my legs and surrounding muscles will continue to strengthen and the pain will go away.
  • My posture is much better on the treadmill than sitting. When I sat down today, I was surprised by how upright I was.
  • “Treadmill fail” videos are funny. Type it into youtube and prepare to laugh. I almost wiped out a couple of times today.
  • My friend Dr. Nanos would enjoy something like this. Or I think she would.
  • Wearing the Vest and doing breathing treatments while walking takes some coordination, though it seemed like my doses of hypertonic saline went fast. I need to time them on and off the treadmill.
  • Life is good.

6 thoughts on “Treadmill Desk: Day One

  1. What an impressive distance! I had no frame of reference for treadmill desk walking mileage while working and am quite impressed with it. You’re right, I would indeed enjoy something like that. In fact, after reading your post about building your desk yesterday, I stood up a lot more at work than I normally would. I tend to stand up and stretch a lot in my office, so I was pleased to know there is an actual benefit to it all besides relieving boredom. I wonder if I can convince the powers that be that treadmill desks are where it’s at…

    • Dr. Nanos,

      I think you would love one of these. You’re the exercise/bike/measure type. This offers walking, exercising and measuring. It’s close. You know they make cycling desks. How about that? That’s perfect for you.

      One day, everyone will exercise at their desk. Be on the cutting edge of this, my good Doctor.


  2. Got to say I’m so inspired by this. Right now I’m waiting for my car to be serviced and I sure wish they had treadmills!

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