When did Disneyland get so expensive?

We had a rip-roaring good time at Disneyland and California Adventure on Monday. Perfect weather, reasonable lines, fantastic new Cars Land, and plenty of fun, fun, fun.

Then I did the math.

Here is some of the damage done to our bank account. But it was worth it. We just won't be going as often as we'd like.

Here is some of the damage done to our bank account. But it was worth it. We just won’t be going as often as we’d like.

Holy Empty Wallet, Batman.

My chest. The pain, like there’s a giant mouse sitting on it. 

Here’s the math: $375 for parkhopper passes for three; $15 to park. $3.75 for a churro, which, according to a Disney fanatic and Churro lover standing in line, just shot up in price from $3.50 a week ago. (I know some princesses – or Disney shareholders – who are going to get new dresses.)

More math: Locker rental was . . . hmm, they don’t print it on the receipt . . . $7? Add 10.98 for two Mickey Mouse Pretzels for my wife and daughter (ketchup and mustard were free and all you could eat). Lunch for me: $15.

Endless bottles of water during the day: I don’t remember, but I don’t think they were “out of the park” expensive.

Even more math: Minnie Mouse headband for my daughter, $15. Dinner: $50. A “free” stuffed Bullseye my daughter won by rolling balls into holes faster than half-a-dozen strangers did only cost me $30 on the gaming card to win it.

And at the end of the night, 50 more dollars for Goofy Gummies, cookies, gourmet marshmallows, and Mickey Mouse gingerbread mice for the ride home up the 5 freeway, which is the nastiest freeway to travel before and after going to the pleasant confines of the Magic Kingdom.

I would appreciate it if Disney would buy all of the properties next to the 5 freeway and sprinkle some Imagineer Magic on them.

So, taking into account that I lost some receipts, my grand total was over $550 for the day.

“Let the Memories Begin” is printed on the receipts. I get it. We have great memories of the day, but this is the first time I have memories of what we spent.

I so miss Disney’s recession pricing.

9 thoughts on “When did Disneyland get so expensive?

  1. Ouch. We’re about to take a vacation north to a place called the Gold Coast – Australia’s equivalent. It has movie world, sea world, dream world..you get the picture.

    We’ll be there 5 days. My husband did a ballpark calculation and I looked at the figures and snorted. “Triple it,” I said as I walked past his desk. He looked up horrified. After reading this I’m going to go downstairs and tell him to quadruple it. Thank you my friend!

    you’re right, the memories on times like this cant be beaten. Just be thankful as I am that you wisely made the choice to only have one child! Cha-ching!

    Glad to hear you sound well. 🙂

    • Karyn,

      I will checking out the Gold Coast on the internet. I did not know the land down under had anything other than sharks, ocean, the Great Barrier Reef, an opera house, and a whole lot of outback and Outback Steakhouses. Dream World? You’re pulling my leg. Nice.

      Sounds expensive like Disney. I have to check it out now.

      Yes, I can’t imagine how much two munchkins would cost, though I probably wouldn’t complain if I had two. Oh, I would. Who am I kidding.

      Have a great time and how about a blog post. They don’t have to be novels every time. Better something than nothing.


    • Karyn,

      I just looked up the Gold Coast – AWESOME. There is a place called Dreamworld. There are so many places to visit there. Kicking myself for never visiting the land down under. And to think I was under the impression the only thing to do in Australia was watch the sharks from the beach and run over poisonous creatures while driving in the outback. How wrong I was.

      Have a great time and write a post with pictures when you get back.


  2. Dear friend,

    I love you
    News flash: This is Disney’s recession pricing. Despite the insane price increase in April/May of 2012 the people coming to D-land/CA adventure has INCREASED supposedly b/c of CARS land (which BTW I am obsessed with CARS land).

    That’s why i have a pass – to get the most bang for my buck and go year round.

    ❤ I hope you had a blast at least.


    PS I am sure your daughter will always remember the Disneyland trips (I always remembered those from my childhood AND adulthood).

    • Stina of the North,

      I dig Cars Land too. They did a great job with it. We used to have passes but they’re too expensive now.

      I hope they get these VX drugs worked out soon and into our bodies. I’m tired of the hospital, as I know you are.

      Glad you’re out of lockup.


  3. Lol, the Disney rape, the engine that could and will because they can, build it and they will come, blah, blah blah. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been a Disney fanatic since day one on this earth. How could I not, growing up in the 50s and 60s, 20 minutes from the mouse that reeled me in? I continued the insanity with my kids, my husband and my grandkids to the tune of annual passes for 20+ years.

    BUT, last year when our passes ran out Feb 2012, I puked when I saw they raised their rates 35%. 35% – WHAT? :0 Who does that in a recession! I dug my heels in and said NO, no more Disneyland for a year! No to my pleading grandkids and my husband’s puppy dog eyes. NOPE not gonna do it. I couldn’t justify a company who would raise their rates 35% in one calendar year, I had to show my displeasure with Disney with my own personal protest. Ha ha, that’ll teach em. No Carsland for us. 😉

    So guess what happened? We ended up shelling big, hard cold cash for airfare and an expensive Disney Villa at Walt Disney World 2 weeks before Christmas. We took the Grandkids and roamed the parks commando style – open to close for 7 days straight. Exhausted but truly happy I was able to share the week and great memories with the kiddos. We had missed our Disney jaunts and came to realize that we couldn’t put a price on fun and memories for a lifetime. We just renewed our passes 3 weeks ago and have been 4 times since. I was there on Tuesday, missed you by a day.

    It is gross to think they made $550 off you for one day, 3 people. But Walt knew that if he built it, they will come, and we do.

    Glad you had fun, try not to think about the wallet’s echo. 🙂

    • Jodi,

      When I read the first line of your comment, I expected a total hate rant about Disney and thought I might have to do some editing. But no. Instead, you’re the biggest Disney fan ever. What a trick opening you wrote.

      We didn’t buy passes because of that crazy rate hike.

      Disney Villa? Renewed passes? You’re hooked on the mouse. I would not be surprised if you have a room in your house devoted to Disney memorabilia. You can admit it.

      I love Disney. It just seems like a lot for a day of lines.

      Thanks for the complete history of your love for Disney. It’s okay to admit it.


  4. Dear Madman of HowmuchShire,

    Cheaper to visit Cleethorpes and it’s a lot more fun! Especially when we dress up in arctic survival gear to have fish ‘n’ chips on the seafront. And don’t forget getting pissed in the smallest pub on the planet!

    Party on dude!
    Sir Sean

    • Dear “jealous that Disneyland is in CA and they skipped building one in Englandshire,”

      Yes, Cheeto-thorpes might be a lot cheaper to visit, but I know if I did I’d end up in jail with you and it would cost me a lot to get bailed out, which I’d never get back because I’d have to skip the country instead of pay for all of the damage we did at the three pubs we visited. BTW, Disney is not serving beer in CA Adventure. Thus, you should round up Robin and head on over here.


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