I’m looking through you, where did you go?

Thanks to the Beatles for the title of this post. I can’t say for sure if I’ll finish writing it, though if you’re reading it now it’s a good sign I did.

You see, I’ve written – or started to write – many posts over the past month, only to let them live out their lives with the scarlet D on them for “draft.” Yes, I’m having trouble getting motivated to write posts and anything else requiring effort in my life. I caught a bad case of “disconnection.” And maybe that’s a fancy way of saying I’ve been a lazy sod.

So, I’ve started a lot of posts. And each of them sounded great in my head before the act of typing away at the keyboard. But my fingers touch the keys and I lose the inertia to continue. A pin pops my motivation balloon and that usually leads to saving the draft and escaping to an episode of Mad Men.

But I’ve run out of episodes, having caught up to the current season. This means I have lost the perfect distraction when posts go south. Though I’m not sure dreaming I’m Don Draper is a healthy thing either when I’m feeling dissatisfied with life, which to some degree I am these days.

Looking forward to living in the sand this summer. © Dmytro Smaglov - Fotolia.com

There is, however, some good news: We escaped to Ventura for a couple of days last week and found a beach house to rent for a month this summer (deposit given). If I had a bucket list, this would be in the top five things to do in my life. The three of us are pretty excited about the thought of beach life for a month and living a couple hundred feet from the sand and ocean. No loading the car up with food, dogs, towels, and a cooler, then driving 35 minutes. Nope. This summer will be opening a door with two dogs on leashes in tow and arriving at the beach in less than a minute. Yes, this may define “heaven” for me.

And I must say that having things to look forward to makes a big difference in my life. And our upcoming time at the beach is just enough to help me wade through the muck of mundane days, doctor appointments, and the uncertainty of life. I think of the beach air and my life feels a little bit better and easier to manage.

[p.s. I owe my friends who’ve left comments a huge apology for not replying. I’ve been consuming more than creating for the past month. Thank you for leaving them. I have read all of them, and appreciate your words and thoughts.]

6 thoughts on “I’m looking through you, where did you go?

  1. Dear Madman of BeachlivingShire,

    Living near the beach is cool, I’m sure all the salty sea air helps the girls. I guess I didn’t get the contract to makeover your kitchen then? Unless the confirmation got lost in the post?
    I’ll be expecting loads of photos and blog posts

  2. Happy to hear that you’ll be hanging out on the beach this summer (and a little jealous too). Sending hugs abd lots of energizing vibes through the abyss to you and your California girls! ~j

    • Congratulations on the baby, Juli. I’m so happy for you. And a boy. How great is that. Boys are much easier than girls. Or that’s what I hear. We’ll see what you write in your blog. So good to hear from you. It really is. Sorry about your Saints. Not exactly the example for the NFL to follow in a positive way. But you’ll always have the SuperBowl win.

  3. I’m soooo jealous!! Living on the beach for a month would be on my bucket list, too, if I had ever gotten around to making one. And you’re so right — having something to look forward to makes a world of difference. You’re smart to dodge the remodeling dust and chaos. Viva la beach volleyball!

    • MAL,

      I can’t wait. I hope it lives up to my expectations. Chilling at the beach for a month. It almost sounds too good to be true. And a new Kitchen to come back to. Cross your fingers it goes as planned. Things rarely do in my life.


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