The Lost Week

I’m not sure what happened to last week. I lost it. I know I lived it. It existed. It took place. But it was a wisp – gossamer – ethereal.

Even my calendar forgot about last week

I wasn’t drunk and partying with Harry Nilsson in Los Angeles like John Lennon once did. No, I was at home on vacation and the week disappeared as if a magician borrowed my watch and didn’t return it.

What time is it? What day? Where am I?

I had plans for the seven days – a big to-do list – but have nothing much to show for the time.

I bought my daughter a new bike for Christmas, which didn’t take long. I ordered my wife some presents. Just some clicks at Zappos and L.L. Bean. Not very time-consuming and she’ll probably send everything back anyway. I worked a little bit each day, as mentioned in my previous post. But not that much.

Other actions completed: My daughter’s Christmas show at school one night (one song and we sat far away). Bought a new electric guitar and played Rocksmith a couple of times. Installed a wall mount for a TV. Watched a couple of movies. Switched alarm companies. Spent an afternoon on refinancing paperwork so I can build a compound wall high and strong enough to keep vermin out and our dogs in.

With the exception of Skyping with my friend @seanset of Englandshire, I have nothing valuable to show for my time. I didn’t read or write a book. I didn’t write five or six blog posts. I created very little.

I managed the mundane.

Some scientific minds theorize Time feels like it moves more slowly when we’re young because we constantly experience new situations and thus make boatloads of new memories. When we’re older, we don’t make as many and time feels like it moves faster.

I’m not sure if they’re correct, or if I’ve accurately described the therory in two sentences, but it will make do for my purposes because I believe I lived a week without memories. A week without anything worth remembering beyond tasks on a to-do list. A week without surprise.

I’m hoping to change that this week and slow down time by creating new memories. I need to explore new places, plan the days, and make the most of the two weeks I have left in my vacation. I don’t want to repeat this post on January 3rd. I want the first post of 2012 to be titled, “Two weeks I’ll never forget.”

6 thoughts on “The Lost Week

  1. Dear Madman of ForgetfulShire
    Sounds like you need to borrow someone’s DeLorean so you can go back in time and relive last week, but better!
    Somehow I think you wouldn’t look out of place in the car with your bag on your head 🙂
    If you manage to get hold of the DeLorean pick me up and we can go back to the early 70’s and watch The Who in concert.

    Sir Sean of DIYshire

  2. Hey UC.

    Hope you’re well. I have missed you guys. Don’t put me on a milk carton. I’m here, barely, but I’m here. I’m happy to hear you took some vacation time. Sometimes doing nothing is okay. We all need a minute to “manage the mundane”, otherwise it gets away from us. All of my best always ~j

    • Juli,

      I’m so happy to hear from you, as your disappearance was one of the reasons for the post. I’m glad you’re back. I checked out your new posts. A lot of blank holes leading up to major events. I’ll comment on your blog.


  3. Looking forward to the Jan 3 post of ‘two weeks you’ll never forget” BTW Jan 3 is my birthday – so memorable if for only that reason alone! Hope you are having a joyous holiday season my fair-weathered friend!

    • Karyn,

      I hope you and the family are having a great holiday season too. We’re enjoying some AUS weather right now. 84 today here. Perfect.

      Wishing the three of you a very Happy New Year and you many paying writing gigs.


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