Bloggers on milk cartons

Where have some of my blogging friends gone?

I check my blogroll every few days and many of my friends are no longer posting, or post once every few months. It’s a bummer. And it creates a few challenges for me.

Your picture here

First, I miss reading their posts and hearing about their lives. With some of them it feels like I was reading a book and the last chapters are missing. I learned about their likes and dislikes, the life challenges they had to overcome, and their families and jobs. And with some, a personal connection developed.

Then nothing. Gone, which reminds me this medium allows quick exits. I’ve thought about it myself a few times with this blog.

Second, at what point do I remove a blogger from my blogroll? I like all of these people but if there is no new content, why keep the link? I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. However, this is fair warning to anyone who has stopped blogging that next week while I’m on vacation, I’m cleaning house and my blog.

So, all of this made me think of blogging and how difficult it is to maintain it. I know I have a hard time staying up with my own blog sometimes. Example: Work wiped me out this week and each night I downloaded a movie instead of blogging because I didn’t have the mental energy to write anything.

It’s create or consume most nights for me. And consume is the winner when I’m tired.

Blogging reminds me of working out. Once I get going with a post, it’s off to the finish line. With working out, once I get to the machine, I’m good to go. But getting to that point is the great struggle. And high expectations can be the killer of both blogging and working out.

I’m going with a Facebook rip-off mantra tonight: Attempted is better than a blank page.

To all my blogging friends not blogging anymore, I miss you and hope you’re not posting because you’re having a great time in life and you’re too busy to write.

Consider this post the milk carton with your photo on it.

13 thoughts on “Bloggers on milk cartons

    • Hey, Jenny,

      At least the two of us are holding down the fort while the others are on an extended vacation. Though a few came back when they read the post, with one of favorites threatening to break my fingers if I take her off my list.


  1. Now I feel really guilty!!!! I don’t post anymore for two reasons (1) I can’t have a public blog anymore because I’m working on my license and (2) I’m a full time student, I have a part time job and a full time CF… I will post after finals are done and I’ll make sure you know about it!! PS I love your blog posts. They are the highlight of my days when I read them (c:

    • Stina,

      Can’t have a public blog? Put a paper bag on your head and call yourself the Unknown Stina. Problem solved. You’re welcome.

      You are too kind about my blog. I know you’re lying because I’m sure Michael Bubble’s is your favorite blog and you write him replies all the time to the point he has a restraining order on you.


  2. If you delete my link I will break your fingers one by one… You’ve been warned! I’ve just had a really busy few months with work and my health has been pretty stable. I have a few things I want advice on, so I will be posting a bit more soon.

    I hope I can get an excused absence from you, instead of being canned!!!

    • Stacey,

      You have such a violent side. I never knew that. You always seem so nice. I’m tempted to take you off the list just to see you fly here and break them. However, you and I must abide by the 3-ft rule so no finger-breaking can happen. So says CF.

      I’m keeping you on the list right now, but you better churn and burn with a post here or there soon. You’re one of my favorites and I miss the update, though I’m glad it’s because you’re feeling well. One day you should add up all the stuff you’ve had to do because of the MAC infection. It’s amazing what you went through.

      Sending you CA vibes with my currently unbroken fingers.


  3. Wow there’ some passion you have inspired here! I will just ask that you don’t stop visiting me (yet) I am back on my once every 7-10 days posting and will try to keep there – so as to not incur the wrath of you not reading anymore! Life just gets in the way dammit! 😉

    • Karyn,

      Once I get my act together, you’re going up on my list. You post a lot. Some of my friends have been heard from in months. And you’re right about life getting in the way. It does.


  4. Listen up you silly SOB! I’m not dead or miss, I swear! As soon as I’m done editing these videos and launching the Moganko CF Project, I’ll be back to blogging. Not because you threatened me, but because I miss it terribly.

    • Josh, supporter of the losing Minnesota Vikings,

      Is it wrong if I get goosebumps when you call me an SOB? Should our wives be jealous? I think your Moganko project qualifies as blogging. It’s quite outstanding, though I’m not sure why Moganko allows you to be in the videos. I guess he feels he has to. I should start a petition called, “Josh-free Moganko videos for all.” Yeah, I should. Cher was much better on her own without Sonny weighing down her talent. Moganko should go out on his own. I think you’re holding him back from reaching his potential as a true entertainer. Sorry to break all of this to you, but someone had to. It’s time to let the orange guy fly on his own, my purple friend from the North. Let him go. Fly Moganko, fly.


  5. Dear Mr Blogger of Blogshire

    Yes ok you’ve got me I’m guilty.
    I have rectified this for you tonight, a brand spanking new post just for you my favourite madman from the land of concrete, CCTV and sun.

    But be advised that the very thought of removing me from your blogroll will cost you very dearly!

    Regards Sir Surf

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