Should we occupy Wall St. or Washington? Or does it matter?

I’m fighting a cold tonight, which followed the usual course of starting with my daughter, then my wife, then me. So, just a short post and a link.

I read this excellent piece on how the rich get rich and take advantage of our government’s generosity.

When Being Rich Makes Us Poor, People Should Occupy Wall Street

I don’t fault anyone for making money. Hell, I wish I knew the secret and have only myself to blame for failure. Unfortunately, this country doesn’t function as well when wealth is disproportionately distributed and the top one percent horde the majority of the cash. And until the situation is fixed, expect more “American against American” occupations and battles.

“Class Wars 2011” will be the title of chapter in a history book one day.

The view from the Reagan Library. (I can't find the photos I took of the plane.) Check out the web site:

All of this relates to my epiphany that one cannot hate the government and love capitalism. They are lovers entwined, and one without the other wouldn’t provide the great opportunities to make cash these days. (Think Iraq War, the moneymaker of all moneymakers for movers and shakers.)

I’ll leave you with this final thought before I go flush my sinuses.

A couple of years ago, we went to the Reagan Library in Simi Valley. Regardless of politics, Ronald Reagan lived an impressive life. And the library matched the man’s incredible journey with its own impressiveness. Heck, Air Force One is inside the building if that gives you a sense of its scope and size.

But one of the most telling moments I’ll never forget was coming to the end of the tour, walking out of the gift shop and seeing the list of those who donated and made the library possible.

It wasn’t the poor.

2 thoughts on “Should we occupy Wall St. or Washington? Or does it matter?

  1. Yes, we should burn the city down if it would stop corporate greed and global warming, but it won’t — so we should do whatever possible to preserve life on this planet and if that means make people late for work in NYC then so be it!

    • bwinwnbwi,

      Thanks for the visit, the recent “likes” and the comment. I’m not sure burning the crop field to kills some rats is the way to go. Traps might work better. I don’t know what we can do to preserve life and the planet. The gov’t keeps relaxing environmental rules and using “jobs” as an excuse. Last night a guest on Bill Maher made a joke it’s good for the medical establishment when people get ill. Hard to argue. The deck is stacked against the middle and lower classes.


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