Derailed by autumn bleeding

I’ve felt off this week, not 100%. The weather flipped from hot to cold in one day and with it my equilibrium. Today the autumn bleeding arrived.

The good news is the bleeding isn’t bad – yet. But it’s there and I’m now I’m on cipro. And I get to skip a Lovenox shot tonight.

Creative Commons: Lucretious

The bad news is that I took 5 mg of vitamin K when I meant to take 1 mg and the clot in my neck bubbled. I need to get another scan this week. After two months of shots, a little vitamin K shouldn’t rock my clot. My gut tells me the port-line is out of position and won’t let the clot go away. It needs a doctor’s attention, me thinks.

I did force myself to go out in public tonight, but it is an odd feeling to be in a crowd when you have hemoptysis. It’s surreal, like I’m watching life through a movie lens instead of my own eyes. I feel jealously when I see other fathers and their families and think how nice it would be not to be thinking about my lungs and the hospital. I’m sure they have their worries too.

An extra punch to the gut came when my supervisor told me he was changing positions Monday. I had a good relationship with him and he knew my situation. Now I get to explain it to someone else. It would be nice not to have conversations like the one I’m going to have. It’s embarrassing.

That’s it for tonight. Post a day 2011 checked off but not with the post I had planned.

7 thoughts on “Derailed by autumn bleeding

  1. “I’m sure they have their worries too…” I’d say you win in the worries area – the competition that no one of course, WANTS to win. No congratulations there.

    Sending good vibes for your health and sanity, and that the new boss makes it an easy explanation. If you have a good relationship with the old boss, would it be possible to ask him to give the new boss a ‘heads up’ so your own conversation with him/her doesn’t have to be so overwhelming and in-depth? Just a thought. Good vibes…

  2. I was hoping for you, this year the autumnbleeding would stay away.
    Now I’ve got not much to add, but to wish you well and hope you’ll feel a lot better soon.
    And good luck talking to your new supervisor.

    Greetings, Ralf

  3. I hope you start to feel better soon and that this meeting with your new supervisor goes well. I cannot imagine how you are feeling as it sounds like you are on a tough road right now. I hope it turns around for you soon. : )

    • JRP,

      Just on the usual road. It’s all good. I’m lucky. Just a bump or two. Loving Miss Stella photos. I keep meaning to post a Cali update, but the damn billionaires are driving me nuts these days. 🙂


    • Stina,

      Save the profound and brilliant thoughts for your college papers. I’ll take the digital hugs. Thanks. CF is stupid, but it’s too stupid to know it and that’s what makes it dangerous.


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