Work: The enemy of blogging

I traveled locally on business this week. Most days were over 12 hours of work, with one topping 15. Today, I’m feeling groggy and if I didn’t know a Red Bull would send me to the ER thinking I’m having a heart attack, I’d try one. A little “pick me up” to make it through the day.

Puppy life in black and white

And my sincere thanks to Cali California for waking me up at 5:30 this morning. Adios, REM sleep.

Usually, I can knock out a blog post on the road, but not this week. I’d get back to the hotel, do my treatments and watch TV, something I don’t do during the week unless it’s sports. But I find it enjoyable when I’m tired and sitting in a hotel room. Maybe it’s the florescent lighting? It’s the best time to watch all the wacky crap I’d never watch at home. When did MTV become a soft-core porn channel?

I missed the puppy while I was gone, and my wife and daughter. A friend of my mine used to tell me that if he traveled and missed his girlfriend at the time, he knew he liked her. If not, it was time to break up. After 25 years with my wife, I still miss her when I travel. That has to be a good sign.

Later today, I’ll be at a puppy training class with my daughter. I’m the legal guardian so she can attend the class. This should be interesting. The trainer we used told us they’re “treat crazy.” I’m not. I’ve never really had to use treats to get my dogs to do things, except complicated tricks. But this is a new world with our shy puppy. I’m sure she’ll be the size of a hog by the end of the classes. Maybe we can teach her to “oink.” Will I get kicked out for suggesting this? Or for being “treat adverse”? Probably.

What time is too early to start eating M&Ms? Can I suck the caffeine-like chemical from them to wake up? It’s almost time for my treat – my McGriddle and hot chocolate. That will help my mood. Thank you, McDonald’s for inventing the perfect breakfast treat for humans. I’d sit and beg for one, but luckily I have the cash.

Stay healthy and awake.

8 thoughts on “Work: The enemy of blogging

  1. I’m doing really good atm. I hope you are doing good too,but working 12,15 hours a day! Those are long days,even without CF!

  2. Ah, I get this! You haven’t seen a blog from me in almost a month. It’s just been too crazy…trying to take care of my sick mother, sick grandmother, my kids and working full-time. I think I’m going to explode!

    Even though you didn’t have time to blog, I’m glad to hear that you made it through the long days without any immediate health repercussions! I did miss hearing from you, though, so don’t so it again…

    • Stacey,

      I’m very aware you haven’t been posting. I already checked in with you once and was thinking about it again. I hope you don’t explode. Sorry to hear about the illness with your family. Hopefully, the sun will come out in Ohio and they’ll feel better.

      The long week made me very tired this weekend. Not getting much done. Playing with the pup and not doing a whole lot of productive anything.

      Glad you left a comment so I know what’s up with you.


  3. Beautiful dog! I think treats are great. Oh, and for dogs, too. hahahaha. My dog learned to hop in her crate for a cookie. She thought she outsmarted me one day by hopping in her crate unbidden, wagging her tail and looking impish, like “I’ve figured this all out!” Funny. Dog are such good company!

    Get rested soon.

    • Mal,

      I want to be a dog in your house. A cookie just for getting in the crate? Nice. Our dogs don’t get anything. Nada. Get in the crate beasts.

      I hope you’ve recovered from your birthday bash.


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