Please ignore my previous post

I spent most of Saturday playing the world’s greatest indoor sport – feeling sorry for myself. Today is looking much better. Not sure why the wheels came off for a day. My apologies. I thought about deleting the post, as I’m embarrassed, but it is what it is and part of a much longer record for my family. Even I have a breaking point.

Part of the problem may have been a virus. I’ve had chills and low-grade fevers and sweating like I’m detoxing from years of substance abuse – not that I know what that’s like but I have seen it in the movies. 🙂 At least one of the doctors believes I have a virus. That’s the easiest diagnosis for doctors to make. I didn’t have the heart to argue. She looked so happy making the diagnosis. Who am I to spoil her buzz? And in this case, I may have to agree. When I entered the ICU on Saturday, I remember the arrogant doctor there being sick. And there was one other staff member sick, though he denied it when I asked if he was sick. Liar, liar, hospital pants on fire. It was obvious.

Thank you for reading. Life is looking better from my knees today than from my back yesterday morning. Tomorrow will be even better.

5 thoughts on “Please ignore my previous post

  1. What kind of hospital are you staying in mate? First there was guess the amount of blood in a bottle, now we have a guess at a diagnosis of what is happening to you! Is the hospital in the middle of the local Disney park? Anyway to quote a song you might remember, Can You See The Real Me? I think we will very soon, get well soon, still sending loads of good British vibes your way. 😉

  2. There is no need to apologize. Thats what you felt in that point in your journey. Im just very happy that thing are looking better and your attitude is more positive. I hope you recover soon and get out of that ICU asap!

  3. Hit us with those checks every now and then… just be sure to not stop blogging right after one. I’ve had that breaking point myself, and it also involved being on O2 and thoughts about how long my life seemed to have been and how much of a struggle every day, no every breath, was at that point and whether my mind really wanted to keep fighting with this body.

    4.5 years later, I’m glad my self-sustaining mind won that argument and beat my weakness into submission. Now I know that weakness exists with enough pressure, but the amount of pressure it would take to see that weakness again is probably 3x more than it took that day.

    Now, get on outta there to recruit Chuck Norris to kick some staffing butt for coming to work with a virus that had shown itself.

  4. I’m SO glad you’re feeling better today, at least mentally. You know you don’t have to apologize for writing what you feel; it is YOUR blog, after all! And you are experiencing BIG things.

    I just regret that you’re having such a rough time of it and am furious with staff for exposing you to a virus. Aaargh!!!!!!!!!

    Rest up and know you are cared about by many people.

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