Day 22 of c diff

On day 22 of c diff and stomach problems, and day 17 of vanco, I have no words to describe the fun. I find it almost unbelievable – an odyssey of trying to figure out what to eat and not eat, and which probiotics work best. Sometimes I am stable only to be derailed by eating the wrong food. Then I go into a tailspin.

I would like to steal one of those tiny cameras you swallow that take video of your digestive system from start to finish. Either that or move to Texas A&M and have them install a fistula in my stomach – like a cow. I prefer option 1.

2 thoughts on “Day 22 of c diff

  1. I’m glad the cow windows/holes are so well-etched into your mind. They actually seem like a good idea for you. You could reach in, swab everything out with super-bug killing juice, rinse and voila! Clean as a whistle and ready for McGriddles. If only it were that easy. Wishing you easy digestion, friend…

    • The cow picture will never go away. Hmm, perhaps when I win the lottery only Matt’s gifts will show up. Just kidding. You and that darn cow photo. How about a warning next time? My digestive tract is screwed. I’m screwed. I wish I could eat McGriddles all day. Maybe I’ll order three or four of them for the day and keep them in the frig.

      Thanks for the best wishes.

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