The Villain Identified

My stomach went south this morning. I felt better yesterday, bad today.

I spoke to my most excellent CF doctor in the morning and he said in a cool way like he was picking a race horse to bet on: I’m leaning toward C-diff now. But I had an appointment with a stomach doctor later, so he wanted to know what that doctor said before placing his final bet.

My regular stomach doctor is on a beach somewhere sipping sweet tea with rum while reading Good Guts Gone Bad Quarterly. So, I got the 123-year-old doctor I can’t stand who should have retired back when Apollo 11 landed on the moon. He placed his hands lightly on my stomach and told me to let him know if it hurt. When I say “lightly,” I mean like he was running his hand over the hood of his Mercedes as not to scratch it, all gentle and kind and loving. I could have had the stomach ache from hell and his light touch wouldn’t have triggered anything.

So, he and I talked. I told my story and how my doc and I were betting on C-Diff. Dr. Gentle Hands told me we were wrong and it was a virus irritating my gut. He handed me a list of foods I should eat and some I should avoid. And an Rx for an anti-spasmodic, which I can’t take because it can dry out secretions.

But what about the fever? I asked. It came back today.

You usually don’t get a fever with C-Diff, he replied.

Hmm, that’s strange, I thought, because the last few times I’ve had C-Diff I got the bonus prize of a fever. Must have been a miracle of science. I’m special and honored to have received such a rare prize.

I didn’t say anything to the animatronic doctor. I know fevers and C-Diff often come as a package, which my CF doc confirmed on the phone later. But at that moment with the stomach doc I knew that I had wasted my time. Why kill any more by arguing.

When I got home, my CF doc and I decided to see how I felt Saturday morning, but I filled the Rx for the Vanco just in case. And it’s a good thing I did because tonight a fever and some nasty stomach gurgling arrived, as did watery you know what.

Hello, C-Diff, it was you all along, you crafty bastard.

8 thoughts on “The Villain Identified

  1. Dammit! Go away, C. Diff. ! Do something “C different” for a change!

    (You see what I did there, UC? I made a play on words. I was all clever like that so I could make you chuckle and/or roll your eyes during times of frustration just like these. You’re welcome. šŸ™‚

    Peaceful things, my kindred spirit.

  2. Sounds shitty (I’ll continue with the trend of “play on words”).

    I hope you get rid of it fast! I’ve never had c-diff before, but I’ve heard it’s no fun. At least you have the weekend to rest up.

  3. It sounds like your substitute doctor is friends with allergy doctor #1 I went to see. And also friends with that doctor in Mexico who told me I didn’t have salmonella even though my blood test showed salmonella antibodies because everyone has salmonella antibodies…in Mexico. What’s up with old doctors being dictators? Are you feeling better yet with the antibiotics?

  4. UC,
    What an ordeal. I have never had C-Diff either. How much Nexium were you over-prescribed?

    I hope you are feeling better by now?

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