I hate bacteria

I know there are good bacteria, like the millions in the probiotics I’ve been swallowing each day, but I hate the bad ones. Especially c-diff, PA and mycobacterium, the latter having worked its way into a new friend’s lungs. Why can’t scientists invent some form of good bacteria to combat them? Probiotics for the lungs? I’d inhale something like that. Instead I need antibiotics and more antibiotics.

The good news, though I’m afraid to write it because the last time I mentioned good health my two-week joy ride with c-diff started, is that today I may have turned the corner with the c-diff. The antibiotics seem to be doing their job finally and the rollercoaster of low-grade fevers, stomach problems, diarrhea, feeling ill and tired, and hot like the Human Torch has subsided.

Whew, doggie. That was something. Bacteria . . . wow. The damage they can do, as all of us know. It won’t be the cockroaches that survive all of us, it will be the cockroach bacteria. These tiny, invisible destroyers of life will survive all, I’m afraid.

The ironic part of my story is that it started thanks to a medication – Nexium. To combat GERD, the stomach doctor prescribed up to 80mg a day, suppressing my stomach acid to the point the c-diff could flourish and take control. Down with the hearburn, up with the c-diff. Right now I have the heartburn of a dragon and feel like I could blow fire and take out a tree or two, though cars would be more fun because they explode. I’m afraid to take anything to reduce the acid in my system that’s helping to kill the c-diff. I’ll live with the heartburn over the c-diff.

Equilibrium, such an elusive dream most days.

12 thoughts on “I hate bacteria

  1. You’re alive! I was getting worried… I’m glad you’re turning the corner, but I don’t want to elaborate on the congratulations for fear of jinxing the situation. Looking forward to reading your blogs/tweets.

    Yes – CF bacteria blows. i once heard about scientists creating a vaccine against pseudamonas. I wonder what ever came of that… But I’m hoping some of these new CF drugs will help us out in the next few years. Hoping sooner rather than later, but I’ll accept anything rather than nothing at all…

    • Stina,

      Thank you for not jinxing me. Though I may have done it to myself this morning I’ve made a slight backwards step, but that’s kind of the pattern. One step forward, one half step back. What a drag.

      I agree with you. I’ll take any new drugs they come up with.


  2. So glad you’re back! I was about to put out an APB. Glad to hear the c diff is resolving, but it sucks that they means you need to keep the heartburn hanging around.

    Thanks for the mycobacterium shout-out! I’m flattered!


    • Stacey,

      Sorry about going awol. Didn’t feel like writing this week. Still getting back in the groove.

      Regarding mycobacterium, your enemy is my enemy. I wish there was something I could do to help you fight it, though I don’t you’ll beat it on your own just fine.


  3. Good to see that you have turned a corner and things are looking up. I don’t want to depress you, the football season started yesterday……………………we lost 3-0! 😦

    • You mean the soccer season? And West Ham lost? Great. Hopefully, it’s just a fluke and will be their only loss of the season. 3 – 0 makes me think they can use a some defense.

  4. Bless your heart! How miserable. I’m encouraged to see you feel like writing again. Sending you good thoughts and prayers.

    FYI, when your wit is MIA it leaves a noticeable gap. 😉

    • MAL,

      Thanks, I’ll take them. Very kind of you.

      I’m not sure about the gap, but I know I’m qualified to work at the Gap. Well, maybe not. I can’t fold clothes worth a sh**. My wife could work there. She folds clothes, but hates it. Why am I talking about folding clothes?


  5. I didn’t know anyone else referred to heartburn as breathing fire like a dragon. I say that all the time. Glad you’re feeling better. Hope you can eat 2 weeks worth of McGriddles to make up for lost time.

    • Not sure where I got the dragon saying. Perhaps from reading your blog? Anyway, I feel like a could burn down a pretty good size building with this heartburn. I’m surprised it hasn’t eaten through my esophagus yet.

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