Chicken Broth, Gatorade and Jello

See the two pieces of chicken? That's about what you get.

How much chicken does Campbell’s put in a can of chicken noodle soup? Well, in mine they put three tiny pieces.

I’ve been sick all day with a low-grade fever, stomach discomfort with no appetite, and the feeling I was going to burst into flames like a vampire in the sun. Luckily, I had a clinic appointment scheduled so I got to see the doctor. However, my plans for an oral glucose test, bone scan, and 3-hour azithromax study went to hell. My visit transformed from a yearly exam to a sick appointment. Argh.

The doctor thinks I have a virus or C-Diff. I have to suck down Tylenol to knock down the fever and drink and eat clear liquids, hence the chicken noodle soup broth, Gatorade and Jello. If I’m not feeling better by tomorrow, then I go on Vanco for C-diff. And if the Vanco does’t work, it will be the hospital for me.

I knew it was too good to be true on Monday when I wrote that post. Punished for hubris.

Stay well.

12 thoughts on “Chicken Broth, Gatorade and Jello

  1. UGH! You know that I know the what a pain in the ass CDiff can be…literally! Here’s hoping the Vanco does the trick. I always get Flagyl and Cipro for mine…

    • I’ve had it many times. Why did they put you on Cipro for it? That’s interesting. I know the two drugs of choice are Flagyl and Vanco. I’ll have to ask about Cipro.

      Thanks for the visit. Hope you’re feeling well.

      • This past time it was only Flagyl. However, several years ago I was hospitalized for it for a week and nearly had to have a colon resection. I was extremely ill. That’s when they gave me the Cipro too. Maybe it was for a secondary type of infection???

  2. 😦 I no likey when other CFers are sick. I really hope you don’t have C-Diff. I will keep my fingers crossed and send up a few prayers for you. Get better fast!

    • Thanks, Stina, for the good wishes. I saw your tweet about Mad Men. Why don’t you whip up a fake resume and take a head shot and find a way to get on that show? I’d watch your episode. 🙂

      • I totally am!!! There is an open casting call. I have to submit a picture, so I’m trying to get one of my photographer friends to take a pic of me. I’m super excited. Once my picture is submitted, people have to vote for me online…

  3. BOOOOO. Hope everything sorts itself out and that you just have a nasty virus – I had an AWFUL stomach-something last week that went from “MY NISSEN WILL REVERSE ITSELF AND I WILL VOMIT MY ORGANS AND DIE AND I CAN’T GET ANY NAKEDER AND I’M MELTING AAAHHH” to “hmm…a bit queasy” within 36 hours. Hope that’s what you have :o( And if not, I hope the vanco does the trick.

    Please don’t think you jinxed yourself, as my little cousin says, “sometthimes that happenths.”

    • Thanks, Jessica, for the very cool, hip and nutty comment. Had to smile at that one, which I appreciate.

      My stomach is making sounds tonight like when they place a microphone underwater to listen to whales. Not sure what it’s saying, but I don’t think it’s good. Something like “you’re screwed, UC.” 🙂

  4. NO! I’m so sorry you’re feeling so bad. Glad you got to the Dr. ASAP. I’ll pray the drugs work and you don’t have to go in the Hole.

    I find drinking plain chicken broth to be very soothing to my tummy.

    I’m on my 2nd round of Cayston (the prep school boy) and it really picks me up off the floor! So I’m trying to make hay while the sun shines…. Feel better, UC.

  5. Sorry that your feeling bad. Sorry that im saying im sorry, your probly tired of hearing im sorry, but i am, so sorry 🙂 I really do hope that you get to feeling better. keep your head up. much love ~j

    • Thanks, Juli. Cute how you used “sorry” five times. Clever. Thanks for the “feeling better” wishes. Your wishes have extra power because they are nurse wishes. 🙂

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