I should have known better

When I was writing last night’s post, I had this gut feeling that if I wrote about good health, CF would rear back and crush me with a blow to the head. And it did. I woke up sweating, which has been happening on and off for over a month, but hadn’t reached the level it did this morning. My stomach was upset but nothing major as far as pain goes. And, I had a bad reaction to yesterday’s allergy shot. I felt like crap and started to panic.

Hello, Xanax. I took it but it didn’t help with feeling hot and sweating, but did take some of the edge off the anxiety.

I took two allergy tabs. I ate breakfast. Then I started to feel a little better. I forced myself to lift weights this afternoon and felt like I had really good air. In fact, after working out I felt good. Then I ate some carrots and cherries, and 20, 25 minutes later the same cycle started again.

Then during my afternoon treatment, I had some thick blood streaks, which I hope were tied to the workout. Or to the sweating? Do I have an infection after all, somewhere the Cayston didn’t reach? I don’t have a fever, but am hot, sweaty and clammy.

Or is it a reaction to the allergy shot? Is it my stomach? Hormones?

I am amazed that yesterday was so different. I was happy that I’d escaped the hospital, but now I feel like I should check in. I just knew this would happen. I was punished for pride about doing something right.

It’s days like this when I feel like giving up.

6 thoughts on “I should have known better

  1. Its okay to have those feelings. Take them for what they are worth, honor them for a moment, and flush them. screw giving up. you’re my hero. now go kick some ass! much love ~j

    • Thanks, Juli. Not feeling like much of a hero as I look at the blood streaks I coughed up tonight, but that was very nice of you to say. I suggest you stick with Drew Brees. 🙂 It’s just amazing how it can turn on a dime. I must have sensed it in some way last night. I angered the gods. 🙂

      Best to you and the girls as always.

  2. There’s some strange shit going on recently! First Fatboy write’s a post about his last blockage then Sod’s Law a couple of day’s later he get’s one! Now you with your latest post. Anyway I hope you feel better soon and I’m sending good thought’s and vibes your way dude. Take a moment to lay down and look at the sky 😉

  3. As long as you bounce back, have these days. They do you good to keep you in check. Murphy moved into our spare bedroom, like Sean said, but no worries. I kicked him out already.

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