Fox’s Adventures in Los Angeles – Hospital Time

Handsome and curious looking for . . .

Unknown is tired after his jail time this week, screaming for the Lakers tonight with his daughter, and no McGriddles in the last three days.

He asked me, humble Fox, to post in his absence. I’m feeling pretty tired too after my quick jaunt to Vegas last night with a couple of gal-pal nurses. Rum Jungle was rocking. I got thrown out again, but that’s not unusual. What can I say? It’s my nature to cause trouble.

Tonight, I’m going to share a few photos from my vacation. There should be more, but Unknown panicked and forgot to grab a fresh camera battery before leaving the casa. Slim photo pickings thanks to that boneheaded error.

The photo below is the first room Unknown stayed in – for 45 minutes. Then he cried like a little lab pup about chest pain and they took him straight to a lower grade room. Learn from Foxy on this one, folks, never talk your way out of an upgrade. They’ll snatch it from you if you do.

Now this is a room for a hospital party!

Here’s the hole they sent Unknown to after he complained.

Welcome to the garden view, Mr. Unknown

Remember when they strapped Unknown to a table and scanned his heart? This is the badboy itself. Those are the two blue straps they used. 20 minutes of hell for Unknown. 20 minutes of napping for me.

Don't move or you'll have to repeat the test

Someone thought it would be funny to erase the hospital information board below. I am Fox, after all. Everything worked out great and the nurse thought it was cute until she read “patient goals.” The smile fell off her face. Ouch, you nasty boy.

Fox out. Picture below. WARNING: Adult language

You got in trouble, you got in trouble. Ha, ha, ha.

10 thoughts on “Fox’s Adventures in Los Angeles – Hospital Time

  1. Man Fox, those are some legit patient boards you got there. I actually wouldn’t mind seeing an updated version every day 🙂


    • Ronnie, they don’t use all of it. They write their name on it and that’s it. Phone extension, too, I should add. Shouldn’t Pain Goal always be zero? Couldn’t they just fill that in for the patient?

    • Josh,

      In the room I stayed in March, there was a paper calendar on the wall. I think it said “Today” on it and there were no pages left, just a small piece of one. I loved that calendar. I wish I had taken it. That was all I really needed to know – it was “today.” Every day I woke up, I was glad it was today.


  2. WTF UC,they put you in the broom cupboard with dirty windows. Good to see your humour wasn’t surgically removed while your where in clink! Have a couple of days of lying down looking up at the sky 😉 And I prescribe a Mcgriddle with lashings of ketchup all day everyday. Go LAKERS.

  3. Ahhhhhhh, unknown, so you went from 5E with the awesome, huge windows and sill shelves, to the ‘new & improved’ 6S.
    I recognize those rooms all too well. 😉

    Hope you feel better. 🙂

    • Jodie,

      You’re close. 6S is closed for remodeling and I needed monitoring. That new hospital wing is so nice. I was so happy until they moved me.

      Feeling better already. Thank you.


      • Wow, still closed? I was on the glorious 5E in May and 6S was ‘supposed’ to be finished in 2 weeks. 😉 Ahhh, but we know how THAT goes, eh? Say Hi to Henry RT and Elena our wonderful food service lady for me if you see them. 🙂


      • They were supposed to reopen it his week. I was so excited about the remodel, but the second room I stayed in this week was a remodeled room. It felt the same as always, except for the TV, which was a flat screen. I don’t know the RT names because they all hate me and it’s been a huge battle with them. I really do not need them. I have my own meds and know how to do them. I joked with the nurse this visit that I would take an RT with me because how else could I do my meds on my own at home.

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