A Message from Vulpes vulpes

Dear Friends,

That's Mr. Vulpes vulpes to you, pal

Unknown is taking the night off to recover from Lost and 24 being cancelled. He’s curled up in a ball sucking his thumb, watching Glee. So, he asked me to write tonight’s post. Not exactly the brightest chromosome in the cell, is he? Letting moi, a Mohito-drinking fox, write anything. However, I choose to behave for once.

Let me thank each of you for reading this blog. I know it means a lot to Unknown. And, if he were here, he’d get all teary-eyed and probably write a poem about how much it means to him, you visiting and commenting and all that.

You can thank me now for saving you from that sappy piece of shit – I mean, poetry. Did I just say “shit?” Unknown will blow a gasket. He’d write it sh** with those cute little asterisks. Not tonight, baby. Adios to half of the readers. LOL to that, Unknown.

Seriously, Unknown feels very fortunate that you choose to visit this blog. And I know he wishes you the best life has to offer and good health. Me, Foxy, I wish you’d hit a fat squirrel on the way home from the office each night. Roadkill saves me having to work so hard to feed my family. Do your part next time you see that critter crossing the road, speed up and stay off the brakes.

Second thoughts about doing that? Ask yourself, “What would Darwin do?”

Fox out.


6 thoughts on “A Message from Vulpes vulpes

  1. yo fox, tell that bloke he is only allowed one night off, and he better get his lazy ass back at his computer by tomorrow. You get me?

  2. I.LOVE.FOXY. and Unknown, but definitely Foxy. I have a well-established thing for foxes (the real ones, not metaphorical ones – unless the metaphorical ones are silver, but that’s another story for another time).

    Seriously, ❤ your blog – wish I had remained a bit more Unknown myself with mine, so that I could be a bit more candid. And thanks for being my twitter-friend! ("tweeps", I believe they're called? gag.) (@chronicuriosity)

    • Jessica,

      What nice things to say, you have. 🙂 I’m a little pissed at Fox after last night’s post and the bad language and attitude. Last time I will make that mistake and let him write a post. CG will never forgive him for the “run over small animals” comment.

      Glad we’re twitter friends. Thanks for the comment and visit.


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