Back on the canvas thanks to my stomach

I thought I was doing better yesterday until around five. That’s when the low grade fever and bloating that made me look like a pregnant woman hit me hard. I was so close to going to the ER, but I dug deep until the Tylenol kicked in and reduced the fever and pain.

This morning the doctor placed me on a liquid diet, which is a frigging drag. It seems to be helping, however, as I’m not running a fever tonight and feel a little better, though I still look pregnant.

I have a doctor’s appointment in the morning. Can’t wait to see what ails me. Ah, the joys of CF.

One of the parts I enjoy least is trying to work while not feeling well. Working today was a grind. I am no sympathy for healthy people who don’t get their work done. 🙂

That’s it for tonight. All the best to everyone.

6 thoughts on “Back on the canvas thanks to my stomach

    • That, my dear pink friend, must for now remain a mystery for what would life and our relationship be without some mystery. How deep is that? All in good time, Cystic Gal. All in good time.

    • Ginger, thank you. How nice of you to say. If it’s not one thing, it’s five others. This too shall pass, I hope.

      I haven’t see any new posts from you so I happy that means you’re feeling well.

  1. i’ve decided to post a picture of both me AND a cute fuzzy animal on my blog tonight. i know that would get your attention

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