Kicked to the canvas today

I’m not sure what hit me today, but I got punched hard.

I was feeling well early in the day. I did 30 minutes of light exercise bike during a conference call. Then, I made and ate my lunch. Then everything came crashing down fast. First, I felt like my eyes and were tearing and burning. It felt like an allergic reaction, but I’d taken my Alavert. Felt a little like I couldn’t breathe and was very sleepy and nauseous. My stomach was bloated, too, and I felt like I had to bring air up. Had some trouble swallowing. Then the anxiety kicked in thinking that my lung may have collapsed again, which I haven’t completely ruled out.

Took some xanax, which helped, but 7 hours later I feel like I’ve just reached my knees at best. Still feel like my stomach isn’t right. I have to admit in these moments I feel like giving up. The only thing I did differently today was take my zithromax at lunch instead of dinner. Maybe I had a reaction to that? Could the light lunch have allowed the zithromax to react differently in my stomach? Hard to say. Will call doctor tomorrow if not better.

Apologies for the post tonight. Better one coming tomorrow, I hope.

8 thoughts on “Kicked to the canvas today

  1. it def sounds like a food allergy. had you eaten anything like strawberries, seafood, etc? also, sometimes antibiotics can react with dairy. I hope you are feeling better.

    and you can say you FEEL like giving up all you want, as long as you promise not to do it! 🙂

    love from your cross country cynical cyster
    (who loves alliteration)

    • Exactly, that I reacted to something. What? That’s the question. It’s strange how overwhelming and debilitating the attack was. When it happens I want it to end. Very strange.

      BTW, like the alliteration. CysticGal can comment clearly and concisely.

  2. Well it is no consolation I know, but I have felt dreadful since April 30, started a course of doxy in addition to all my other pills, last day today, went off to the primary Wednesday, was sure that would be the end of it, LOL – didn’t work — there is a huge g-i element but also a viral flu bunch of symptoms and my sinusitis and pulmonary indicators are warning about elevated infections status–
    If not shaking this off by Wednesday next week will have an endoscopic test with the G-I specialist.

    Primary concurred that if no better after the ten days of doxy that I could follow with a levaquin course, sometimes it takes max power to handle the invasion.

    What a way to start spring and just when it is getting spectacularly loverly weatherwise.

    We just have to “hang in” many times. It does get “old”


    • Graysmoke,

      So sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. Sounds like everything hit at once. That’s the worst. And an endoscopy? I hope you shake it off and avoid that. I agree with “hanging in there” but I’ve not very patient and that’s what unravels me. I want to be well this minute. So, I won’t repeat the hang in there comment because I agree it does get old.

      Nice of you to visit again.

      Best regards,


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