Fox pays me a visit

The Trickster

Last night, Fox came to visit.

Fox: Why are you sleeping?

Me: I’m not.

Fox: Your PFTs went down.

Me: I know. I was there.

Fox: What are you going to do about it?

Me: Cry like a baby.

Fox: This could be the beginning of a bad trend.

Me: Crying or falling? What can I do?

Fox: You’ve fallen before. Get back on the bike, literally.

Me: I’ll bleed.

Fox: There’s always a trade off.

Fox left.

I sat in the dark, thickheaded, and pondered what the annoying trickster had said.

Do I have any tricks left of my own?

The clock is ticking.

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4 thoughts on “Fox pays me a visit

  1. You’ll just have to face the fox.

    How frequent are your bleeds? Are they all the same amount more or less?

    I can sympathize, it takes lots of mantra work to not obsess about them.


    • They’ve been happening every three months, but I’ve been doing everything I can to avoid them, which means cutting way back on exercise. I think I’m going to need an embolization. I do obsess about them.

  2. if you are still having bleeds, like in the last 48 hours, i vote for a walk around the block instead of the bike or treadmill. the important thing is that you…as they say…ambulate, not that you prove something with your exercise. having a big old bleed is more dangerous to your lung function (scarring, etc.) than holding of on the exercise til you’re out of the woods.

    Tell that to the Fox.

    Get it… fox…woods…nature theme?


    • Well, look who has come for a stroll to the dark side today, CysticGal. 🙂 How nice to see you. And, despite the fact I’m thickheaded and a male, I did get the “woods” reference. (But thank you for pointing it out because I really didn’t.)

      I told my doctor last week that I think I can bleed on command now. I offered to ride my bike to the top of the hospital parking garage and show him a good amount of blood. He declined the offer. Not sure what is going to happen and how hard to push it.

      BTW, I knew if I placed a picture of a small fuzzy animal on my site you’d come calling. 🙂

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