Day 9 in lock-up – smelling bad

I haven’t taken a shower in about 8 days.  I never realized how many places on the human body stink over time.

Armpits definitely have the whole man-musk thing going on.  Antiperspirant is keeping it from being deadly.

Feet.  I made the mistake to wear old shoes without socks.  The odor coming from them may be one of the worst smells I’ve ever smelled, something like old cheese and vomit.  When I felt well enough to walk outside this week, I retrieved by slippers from the car.  Now the shoes are in the corner of the room as far away as possible.

Man parts.  Yikes.  Real sweaty.  Tried some speed stick down there.  Not much help with the moisture issue.  Must say my fantasy is to have a hot nurse clean the whole area.  Thinking the odds of that are about the same as finding a cure for cystic fibrosis.  Possible, but not likely to happen soon.

Hair.  Greasy.  It may not smell, but it looks like it does.

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