Haven’t had much to say

I’m not sure why I stopped blogging. And I’m not sure if this will be the first of many blog posts to come, or the last forever.

Or maybe I’ll start a new blog. I’ve thought about that.

I’ve been working a lot this year at the new job. It’s been over a year. Love the company, many of the people, but not all of the people. They is a clique of four people making my life there less enjoyable than it could be. It’s complicated. Regardless, as hard as its been, it has taught me a lot, and there’s value in that. Painful value, but value all the same. And personal growth.

We lost our yellow lab, Luna, this summer. Cancer. It started with a small sore on her lip, which was misdiagnosed by a vet, then grew daily – fast. I’ve never seen my wife cry as hard as she did at the vet when we put her down. Putting dogs down is a memory I could live without.

We have a new pup. A mutt we adopted. He’s part German Shepherd, Australian Shepherd, Collie, and pure happiness. That last part is the best part. He’s a happy little guy and puts smiles on our faces daily. My daughter loves him and he loves my daughter.

Luck rains down on us again.

8 thoughts on “Haven’t had much to say

  1. Dear Madman

    It’s good to hear your liking your new job. I’m more than positive that your wit and charm will melt this small clique of people to your advantage.

    So we both have new members of our families, what did you call him?

    Sir Sean

  2. Better to live than to blog. Although, I really do miss your funny posts. I’m so sorry about your yellow lab. Loosing our beloved pets is just brutal. Congrats on the newest addition to the family. May you have many happy years together!

  3. John,

    What Margie said x2. Well said. Hope you don’t give up blogging entirely ’cause we sure miss your post. A new blog would be good if that’s what you decide. Just keep on a-livin!!

    So sorry about Luna. I know that really hurt but glad you found a new pup to bring lots of smiles your way. What’s its name?

    Stay well my friend.

  4. Hey Hollywood! I lost your blog when google reader shut down. When was that? Too long ago. Just looked you up tonight. I’m sorry about Luna. We lost our Orion last September and we’ve had a mutt for a year now. She’s a pretty pup. GSD, Lab, and mini-poodle! We had her DNA tested after being told she was a GSD and Siberian Husky mix. I think she’s topped out at 44 pounds. She’s 14 months old and I love having her around while I wait for lungs. Oh yeah, I got listed in March at Stanford. #ThinkPinkLungs #TPL #TeamTelford. Stay well, Hollywood.

  5. You have been on my mind and I am so very relieved and happy to check your blog and find you a) alive and b) happy. (Sorry so morbid …. CF life I suppose).
    So much to fill you in on in our CF life… But I will keep it short with the news that my Chris received his new lungs on 1/24/15 so we are at 11 months post of him still breathing thanks to the selfless human beings out there who gave life, and our amazing surgeon.

    Lots of the bumps in the road, but he’s breathing, still treasuring being a daddy to our 2 young kids (ages 7 and 3 now) and loving it.

    Hugs to you always and keep fighting and breathing brother.
    -cf wife Liz

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