Major change is almost here

I had my exit interview with HR today. I wish I could bottle up all the great things the wonderful woman said about my time at the company, especially that I’m welcome back anytime. It was a nice way to exit, but emotional. And it made me question my decision to leave.

But leave I must. And change I need. And growth in my profession.

Maybe I will return one day. I’ll be better and more knowledgeable if I do.

So, two more days to go.

I plan on starting my new job on Thursday, which I didn’t think was odd, but others have asked why I’m not taking time off. It’s not because I’m the super employee. I’m just excited to get started and to prove myself as soon as possible.

I’ll probably have to get Cobra for a month. If I don’t there could be a period of 5 to 6 days where I don’t have insurance. Hmm, in the worst season for me, Autumn, would I want to be uninsured? I think not. I can guarantee that would be the week I go to the hospital.

To be continued . . .

5 thoughts on “Major change is almost here

  1. Congrats! I hope the new job is both challenging and enjoyable. In regard to COBRA, if you don’t COBRA and therefore don’t have continuous insurance, there used to be the possibility of a waiting period before insurance would pay for care for pre-existing conditions (depending on the policy). I’m not sure how the ACA affects this possibility of a waiting period. I know you can no longer be DENIED coverage for a pre-existing condition, but a waiting period may still be legal. I’d COBRA to be safe. I hope you good mood and confidence with the new job are reflected in your health this fall! Take care.


  2. Congrats on the new exciting life move!!
    Happy for you on taking the plunge into something that excites you.

    Always always happy to come read your blog after awhile of missing it and find that not only are you alive (I know, I’m so morbid!) but that you are doing awesome.
    Keeping f’ing CF.

    With love,
    Cf wife Liz

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