One simple Obamacare thought for the day that I’m probably completely wrong about

I guarantee this isn’t a political post – I dislike all politicians these days except for Elizabeth Warren who I think we should clone and elect as Senator in every state. And clone and vote in as President and Vice-President as well.

Senator Warren, please accept my invitation to join my family for dinner anytime you'd like. Call me.

Senator Warren, please accept my invitation to join my family for dinner anytime you’d like. Call me.

So, aside from my 100% E.W. government fantasy, another thought keeps going through my head and I wonder if anyone else has had it or if it’s just me.

Here is it: I wonder if those in our government who oppose Obamacare do so because if the program is allowed to stay in place, it frees those who work for corporate America to be choosier about where they work, and even grants them more freedom to start their own businesses.

This theory centers around the thought that many people stay with their corporate jobs because of the benefits, specifically health care. But now with the opportunity to buy health insurance free of a company job, what will that do to the power of corporations over our lives? And, would it make it easier for people to quit a job they didn’t like and move on without the fear of losing benefits in the process?

So, that’s my thought for the day. I’m pretty sure I have it wrong.

9 thoughts on “One simple Obamacare thought for the day that I’m probably completely wrong about

  1. UC,
    Think you may be on to something there and I like Sen. Warren as well. IMO the Republicans and especially the Tea Party members are so dead set against anything and everything the Obama Admin. brings forth that they would rather see the US collapse than compromise on anything. I’ve never seen someone act so child like and irresponsible as this group of morons. They should all be thrown out of office, but they know it won’t happen in the states they represent.
    Arrrghh…you got me started. Politics; I hate it.

    • Larry,

      I agree with you 100% about them acting childlike. I think it’s overpopulation. Nature used to take care of the dimwitted and now we have more of them than ever. And they learned how to vote, which is a dangerous act for us.

      I’m worried it won’t get any better.


  2. I think that you’re completely entitled to that theory. If we think about whose hands are in whose pockets we point our fingers mostly to big corporations run by big republican names. What better way to force the American people into despondency and submission than to force a government shutdown upon us. Their corporations aren’t affected, because they are separate from the Federal side of things. Therefore, they don’t need to worry while still forcing the hand upon people. If it’s anything you’ll see that’s a repetitive factor in business and economics, is that large corporations do not want to lose money and are more “phillic” towards keeping competition squashed. Hence why we work so hard to fight against small businesses and make it harder for them to enter the major leagues of our economy.

    Furthermore, it is in my humble opinion that the only way for a Capitalist society to work is for constant change. Think of it in terms of physics. A ball will keep rolling (theoretically of course) unless acted upon by outside force. Our economy will continue to prosper provided we don’t squander small business away and fight off change. Rome fell due to large shifts in unstable powers and stagnant economy. Provided you keep competition in the mix you keep an open market, allowing for competitive pricing, and more job growth that stems from such.

    As far as things are pointing this is all stemming from fear. As usual, us ever so predictable human beings fear change and fear what we don’t understand. Ever notice that there are more states fighting the AFCA in lower income and lower education states? I think there are a lot of ways we can tackle this issue, but it’s quite like CF; One treatment doesn’t solve all of our issues nor is one treatment right for all.

    And finally, everyone wants to always point their fingers at the president and rely on the he said she said argument. I think that it’s important to be educated on the implications of what is going on now, even if you hate politics (I’m all for that one.)

    I hope that this made sense. I sort of got really fueled because as of right now I’m on the latest study for the Double Delta F508 trials. However, all of the sputum samples and blood draws are basically getting sent in for nothing, to no one, nowhere because the monkeys with the gavels can’t figure this shit out. Actually, NO. Monkeys have better hierarchal government layouts than we do. F***k this I’m outta here to go fling poop.

    Have a wonderful day, unknown, and thank you for the brain food!

    P.S. I didn’t draw that, but I think that if you click on it there’s a link to who did do the work. If not, I must fix that. (I’m a former Graphic Design major who loves cats, hence the art.)

    • Savannah,

      Wow. What a comment, or mini-post. I like it and it made me think. It’s time for you to run for a government position and kick some serious ass.

      What’s up with the study you’re on? I don’t get it. You get the drug, but no one is reviewing the results? What madness is that?

      Thanks again for the super-comment filled with controlled anger. Love it.


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